Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Four Beautiful E3 2015 Screenshots Released

Square Enix has just released the first official screenshots for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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psplova1252d ago

Two things: 1)Downgrade City 2) Keanu Reeves much?

curtis921252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Two things: 1) I don't like your attitude

Okay it was just that one thing. Seriously, downgraded from what? A CGI trailer? Come on.

They'll iron everything out. Looks incredible.

psplova1252d ago

lol. Just joking really. It reminded me a lot of Watch Dogs, graphics-wise, is all..

TedCruzsTaint1252d ago

If that's in game, that's possibly the best looking title I've yet to see.
Come on now . . .

ZaWarudo1252d ago

You do realise that this is the first time they showed actual gameplay footage, right?

Sir_Simba1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

the face reveal was just uhh...lets just say Jensen has had little bit of a face uhh..change.

Entonations1252d ago

These are bullshots. Don't expect it to look this crisp.