Nintendo Did the Exact Opposite of Sony – But that Doesn’t Mean It Was Any Better

Justin from Controller Crusade writes:
"Just last night I criticized Sony for not showing enough games that we’ll get to play this year. So logicially, it would follow that I would praise the company that did the opposite of that and showed primarily titles that we’ll get to play this year. Nintendo did just that, yet I find myself not exactly loving it like I logically should. Perhaps this shows that a balance of near and far titles is best, but allow me to explain just why I’m so disappointed."

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Christopher1248d ago

Long story short: you can never make some people happy

joab7771247d ago

This is what many forget. E3 isn't all about showing you exactly what game you will be playing in the next 6 months. Most of us already know. Yeah, we like to see some more "cool" gameplay to get us more excited, but we are going to be barraged by that as each title releases.

Especially today, when news is dropped every week concerning upcoming titles etc., E3 should be about wowing us, however they choose to do it. If it's new IPs, great. New gameplay for games we know about, wonderful. Games that have been considered dead, YES PLEASE! Games we had know idea would be funded in 9 hrs...hell yeah! Remakes of one of the best games ever made...what do I say.

We did see info on games coming this yr. But Sony did exactly what everyone should do at E3. Make us gasp. B/c you can release info any old day of the week.

gameboy11247d ago

Well I'm looking forward to TreeHouse playing FastRacingNeo today....


mandf1248d ago

E3 is about games for the coming years. Did journalists forget games aren't announced then released in 3 months. It has never worked that way. Stop moving goal posts. Game demos on the e3 floor were announced last year and are being released soon. Games shown in conferences are titles for the following yearor some times the year after if development is behind.

Madock1247d ago

The problem is Nintendo's nxt year games are all on the NX, they can't show them

TheColbertinator1247d ago

It comes down to opinion as always.

Microsoft are releasing most of their games this year but I don't care for any of them apart from Jet Force Gemini HD.

Nintendo has tons to release this year but their most important game to me isn't coming until late 2016.

Sony showed the games I waited so long for but those aren't even looking like 2017

blackblades1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I already knew what they were going show. The same stuff as always Mario games and the same characters for the past 20 years. Same for ms halo, gears, forza, fable. Don't get me wrong I like Mario and nintendo I'm just saying what I think.

gameboy11247d ago

Treehouse are playing XenobladeX and Fast Racing Neo later today and maybe some new games ??

alphaomega881247d ago

Yes, during their digital event...but what about Devil's Third, Xenoblade, Fatal Frame? Star Fox has not had a console iteration in like 8 years, and Super Mario Maker is a creation game first, platformer second, so different direction. What did everyone else show that has people hyped exactly? Sequels, yearly installments, and remakes...just because Nintendo has been around longer doesnt somehow give the other companies a free pass, while everyone is saying, 'wow ninendos event was terrible(it actually was), but sony and ms did great bc they showed more of the same'

Where is the logic in that?

Darkfist1247d ago

poor fanboy, your post history show how salty you are, "Sequels, yearly installments, and remakes" says fanboy who wait for the next zelda, metroid and mario games, "Devil's Third" lol looks like you like this realistic shooter, all those playstation games seems fun to me and all the 10 million who plays those games, you should play little big planet 3 and try all the millions of user created levels, or ratchet and clank with all the cartoony weapons and gadgets, or new ips that we get from both 1st and 3th party

alphaomega881247d ago

Firstly yes, I am a fanboy, so what? Doesnt change what people are saying, 'Nintendo needs to bring new stuff to the table like everyone else'...yet everything new is more of the same. Is that bad? Hardly. I like more of the same to some degree(though a name doesnt always make things the same), and so do others. But everyone hanging Nintendo bc they SHOWED more of the same, when in reality they actually have some decent variety this year is nonsense.

And oh no, you called me 'salty'...salty about what exactly? That Sony and MS release game after game that I couldnt give two shits about? And on the off occasion they actually release something I am interested in and I try it, I find that the games are usually lifeless, albeit pretty, or control like shit in comparison to Nintendo games. I play my Wii U regularly, and have probably 50+ games, but you know the difference between me, who doesnt care for Sony and MS, and those who dont care for Nintendo? I dont show up in their articles to bitch and bemoan their games, whilst not owning the systems!

Not that it matters, this whole, 'who won, who lost, who is doomed' arguments/articles are childish. I play video games for fun as a hobby, and I like Nintendo games best. I could up and sell all my games and systems tomorrow and not bat an eyelash, so if Nintendo ever goes under, so be it. I play to have fun, and MS and Sony as a whole do not provide that for me, and neither do third parties on the whole, considering I have a PC with all of about 8 games, bc there is absolutely nothing interesting to me out there outside of indie games, and I get a lot of them on Wii U.

So no, not salty. Bc I dont care about how good this company or that one does. I play games to have fun, and I have tons to play. Seems everyone here is salty bc there are people who like Nintendo, even though those same people would have you believe the Wii U is dead.

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