Star Ocean 5: Integrity for PS4 Gets First Gameplay Trailer, Announced for Western Release

During its E3 2015 Digital Event, Square Enix announced the western release of Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, showing the first gameplay trailer.

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funkybudda1249d ago

Revival of the JRPG continues!

Abriael1249d ago

I feel like in the PS2 era.

DarkOcelet1249d ago

It feels more like PS1 era than PS2 but then again both gens were awesome.

I cant wait.

bouzebbal1249d ago

completely agree!
Star Ocean makes any JRPG fan happy. Cannot wait for the release. Gonna import the jap version if it has english subs cause 2916 is too far.
I need a JRPG in my blood this year!!!

remixx1161249d ago

Dude ps4 on fire with the jrpgs...

Nier, persona 5, star ocean 5, final fantasy 7 remake, worlds of final fantasy, disgeae 5, dragon quest heroes, tales of zesteria, tales of bersia and level 5s ps4 jrpg that they won't fackin reveal.

DarkOcelet1249d ago

Oh man, i remember Level 5 JRPG was supposed to be released in 2015.

Dark Cloud 3 please.

Clogmaster1249d ago

Did you say Nier?

*goes straight to Google*

kingdom181249d ago


E3 is far from over perhaps we'll still see something? I'm right here with ya on that one.

slappy5081249d ago

Like what I saw, never played the other installments but this looks great

DarkOcelet1249d ago

Star Ocean IV had an excellent gameplay mechanics but you have to endure an awful voice acting.

But the gameplay was really awesome.

kingdom181249d ago

I also felt it was very linear for the majority of it, which I found to be no problem at first, but it kinda makes any other playthroughs drag on for me. Hopefully they fix that this time around as well as voice acting.

ZeoZan1249d ago

I love you Square Enix (":

DigitalRaptor1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )


The Return of the JRPG... this gen is looking like PS2 all over again, at least on PS4. I couldn't be more excited. This E3 has delivered in unimaginable ways.

Germany71249d ago

Looks really awesome, another great exclusive for PS4.
Btw, great conference made by Square Enix, lot of games and really looks like it JRPGS will be huge on this generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.