E3 2015: Star Fox Zero Targeting 60 Frames Per Second; Has No Online Multiplayer Mode

Nintendo has announced Star Fox Zero will not have an online multiplayer mode.

Speaking to IGN during an interview ahead of its Digital Event, Shigeru Miyamoto explained the team was currently focusing on creating a high-quality single-player experience, and didn't want to be sidetracked.

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Neonridr1008d ago

No online multiplayer? Jesus just drop the ball again Nintendo.

Why the hell not? 8 or 16 player dogfighting in space? Instant seller. Even an online based shooter game Splatoon featured a solid single player mode, so why can't a game like this support even the most basic of multiplayer modes?

iamnsuperman1008d ago

I agree. Out of all the games that Nintendo would release this is the one game that needed multiplayer (I am a single player guy myself but some games suit multiplayer better)

Neonridr1008d ago

I will still buy it because I am sure the game will be awesome, but it's still a head scratcher.

bouzebbal1008d ago

Online multiplayer for star Ocean ? Are you moron journalists kidding me? Have you even tried such game before ?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

I just think they don't care. The Wii U is a bust, I think their focus is on a new console. And what they showed for Wii U is actually laughable. It's just basically providing the Wii U with a 2 weeks notice. (You know for Wii U owners, people who spend money on a Wii U.)

Bimkoblerutso1008d ago

^I don't think it has anything to do with the NX. The most surprising thing is that people are still surprised by their rampant consumer apathy.

I had to chuckle at Aonuma when he said something to the degree that he likes when he can't see other peoples reactions when playing coop in Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, implying that there will be no native voice chat...and they did the same thing with Splatoon.

They don't have a clue, and they don't care to.

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Septic1008d ago

Struggling to reach 60fps on such a visually lacking title? Le whaa?

And no MP?

Bah. Lame

The 10th Rider1008d ago

That's not what was said, they said they're prioritizing 60fps.

Neonridr1008d ago

yeah, there was no mention of struggling. I think they are referring to the fact that they would sooner make the game @ 720p/60fps instead of going for higher visuals at a cost to the framerate.

Septic1008d ago

Ah okay my bad. Im still surprised this isnt 1080p and 60fps.

bouzebbal1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

Struggling ? MP for star Ocean ? Where did you see or hear they were struggling ? How can you implement MP in star Ocean ? Your comment is.... -_-

Tell me, how about titanfall 800p and 30fps for such a graphical lacking game ? If star Ocean is visually lacking tell me what tf is..

Septic1008d ago

"If star Ocean is visually lacking tell me what tf is.."

A better looking game?

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1008d ago

"Of course, as we continue on and once people get a feeling for the game... as the process continues if we find that we do think it'd be really good we'll definitely consider it, but right now we're not."

1008d ago
Doodleburger1008d ago

Probably because it's a remake of star fox 64,and they can't be bothered to do that much work. Gotta hit that 60 fps though, so at least it'll look like a gamecube game, right?

Neonridr1008d ago

this is nothing like Star Fox 64. Unless you mean it features Arwings and Fox McLeod, then yes.. it's a direct copy.

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Theyellowflash301008d ago

I'm getting this but seriously? Nintendo dropped the ball big time. They've moved on to the NX

eyeofcore1008d ago ShowReplies(4)
wonderfulmonkeyman1008d ago

It would have been nice.
Well, at least we know the single player will be excellent regardless.

REDDURT1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

No multiplayer in star fox. Nintendo just does not get it.

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