Secret Tecmo Tapes Reveal Number of the Beast, Insulting Tecmo President

Kotaku: In the second round of oral arguments for the Itagaki vs. Tecmo suit, Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki submitted evidence that included an affidavit from Ninja Gaiden II producer Yoshifuru Okamoto, a contract from 2005 that seems to clearly state terms of the Dead or Alive 4 bonus and a voice recording of Tecmo president Yoshimi Yasuda. Itagaki is suing Tecmo over unpaid DoA4 wages.

Kotaku obtained copies of both the secret recording and the contract and translated both for this story.

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TheColbertinator3799d ago

This situation is getting stranger by the day.

juuken3799d ago

Well damn...if Itagaki has THAT kind of evidence, then Tecmo is screwed. o_o;

Ogrekiller3799d ago

I guess it's time for certain persons to eat crow/humble pie.
Any takers?

Wildarmsjecht3799d ago

Ahh, that right there is the evidence needed to have Itagaki placed in the right. Tecmo, for shame.

mboojigga3799d ago

All this based on the New president of. Shame on him.

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