Square Enix Debuts Hitman Gameplay For PS4/Xbox One/PC - Awesome First Look Trailer

Square Enix have announce their new, persistent world, Hitman. The game will change and evolve through player interaction. See the new reveal announcement and trailer below.

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DarkOcelet949d ago

The visuals looks amazing. 47 is back and he is gonna kick @ss.

bunt-custardly949d ago

Yeh looks good and I like the idea of a sandbox mode. But will everyone be Agent 47 is what I want to know?

DarkOcelet949d ago

I cant say, maybe they will go MGSV where everyone will be/can be Big Boss in the Motherbase invasion gameplay.

Septic949d ago

Yeah it really looks good. I want to see what the custom contracts stuff turns out to be like.

Agent 47 looks a bit less manly though no?

DarkOcelet949d ago

Lol, he looks fine.

Maybe looks abit younger than how he was in Absolution.

And i am not playing this game to look at 47. I am here for his badass skills in eliminating the targets.

egidem949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

I really like the idea of an open-world/sandbox Hitman game. Really looking forward to it end of this year :D.

And also from what they said in the conference, it is the first game in the following series. Awesome :D

3-4-5948d ago

* K but where the heck is Dragon Quest 7,8&11 ?

DarkOcelet948d ago

I am sad that FFXII Remaster didnt appear.

TheCommentator948d ago

47 took care of them... personally.

fanboysmackdown948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Agreed, love the look, love the series......can't wait.

gninja92948d ago

so this is the second trailer.

gninja92948d ago

the "some characters are more observant" looks like they did the whole "Dont get too close to npcs" again, and this time there is no instinct. as comical as that was.

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Zizi949d ago

Is this online only or what? I still don't get it.

Septic949d ago

It shouldn't be. Why did you get that impression?

Tody_ZA948d ago

It sounds like it has an MMO vibe to it, which makes me worry how much we're going to get for the $60 investment. Hitman Blood Money is one of my favourite games of all time, and while the gameplay of this new game looks insane, I worry about the persistent content approach, because publishers don't have our trust for that even though this sounds like a really cool idea.

Here is a link that explains the nature of the game better:

Even so, I still want to get a clearer picture of what it's about.

Zizi948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Yup, I feel like the details of this game are still limited.

I adore Blood Money. It is a great game. Absolution, however, feels like a clone of Splinter Cell, though it is good.

Thanks for link above, anyway.

gninja92948d ago

what about the game makes any of you think there is any online at all. its a montage of him running and performing different types of kills

StarLord_Who949d ago

I still don't know what this game actually is, is it single player with replays just like the last games or is it a new online fangled univers-y online thingy?????

DEEBO948d ago

Is it open world?

Contracts sounds same form the last hitman.

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