AMD Unveils $650 R9 Fury X And $550 R9 Fury – Powered By Fiji World’s First HBM GPU

AMD has officially launched its new Radeon lineup with Fury X, Fury, Fury Nano as well as the upcoming Radeon 300 series lineup here at E3. So they’re finally here the AMD Radeon Fury X and Fury, the graphics cards that everyone’s been anticipating. We also managed to see numerous 300 series graphics cards as well. The new Fury X flagship is launching on the 24th of June and will cost $650. Fury on the other hand will launch on the 12th of July and will cost $550.

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Maxor1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Word around the web is that this nothing more than the same old cards with new memory. It's another rebrandby AMD. Seriously!!?

darksky1277d ago

The Fury cards are all new using HBM and faster than 980ti/TitanX so the word you heard is totally wrong. Some of the cards are rebrands but not the Fury range.

Ka7be1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

390x is the rebranded 290x with 8GB and costs $350 compared to GTX980 that is $500.

While AMD Fury X is new card with HBM memory. Faster than both 980ti/TitanX.

T9001277d ago

The problem is driver support, AMD is usually lacking in that area.

1277d ago
Agent_hitman1277d ago

I'm all for AMD. Red team all the way.

And for those people who keep saying that these are just old cards rebranded. Then you are delusional!

You do realized that most of newer Nvidia cards are rebranded or dumb down version of existing flagship nvidia cards like titan.

FPSFox1277d ago

Actually, it has been confirmed that these are rebrands with different memory. This is why the card appears in 3D mark as a 290. Also, lets point to credible sources before putting on our tinfoil hats and throwing conspiracies around with Nvidia, sound good?

Allsystemgamer1277d ago

The fury isnt A Rebrand. It's stronger than the titan x and uses HBM for only $650. That's insane.

FPSFox1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

@ Allsystemgamer, yes, I was speaking of the lower models. Sorry, should have put that

plmkoh1277d ago

I'm more interested in the lower end R7/R9 refreshes.

FlyingFoxy1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Wouldn't a refresh imply they increased speeds of the cards? I think clock speeds got a tiny boost, that's it. They literally rebranded old 2xx series cards.

Fury/Fury Nano/Fury x are the only new cards worth looking at, i see little point in the 3xx series if someone is looking to buy one, may as well just get a 2xx card now instead.

plmkoh1277d ago

Not sure on clocks speeds just yet, but they all have big RAM increases for higher resolution uses.

FinalFantasyFanatic1277d ago

I know there were all sorts of rumors but I was hoping all of them were new cards. So in the end we got 3 or 4 new cards (Fury/Fiji line) while the others were updated and re-branded cards (I was hoping they would all have the HBM tech too).

someOnecalled1277d ago

i thought AMD was going to announce a game or publisher partnership that was going to take full use of the HBM tech but i should have known. it going to be able to get taken get better use because of dx12 and vulcan but it looks like its going to be on the back burner until nvidia come out with theirs next year. they dont get unless its a pc focus dev, tech on pc is usually going to get the back burner.

the pc version will look better and play better, but if devs are not taking advantage of your tech its kinda a waste and that is what nvidia noticed. thats why its always a clear difference in pc vs console version of games. i guess since amd tech is in consoles this round they dont care, even though it makes one look at their tech like why buy when youre doing the minimum

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