E3 2015: Gears of War 4 looks dark and beautiful in these screenshots

The Coalition showcased Gears of War 4 at the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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christocolus1254d ago

Rod and the team really impressed me with this game. I hope MS shows more at Gamescom

OpieWinston1254d ago

They are holding up their promise of following Gears 1 dark atmosphere.

Graphically the game was phenomenal and IDK what all the negative feedback is because the Xbox Live Event Player streamed perfectly and you could see the heavy detail in the game.

It's like people haven't seen a dark game before.

Testfire1254d ago

I'm a fan of Gears, and I'm sure the entire game isn't dark like this but it didn't look that great. They should have shown a different part of the game to demo imo.

kraenk121254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

The game looked good because it looked heavily influenced by TLOU. I never liked the Gears games which seemed always seemed to dude bro ish for me but I can see me liking this,

TheCommentator1254d ago

No. It looks like the first Gears, which Uncharted and TLOU borrowed heavily from.

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gangsta_red1254d ago

It looked fantastic, but I really hope those aren't the enemies you fight in the game.

I was not impressed with the dog monsters. I'm all for a new enemy to fight but I definitely don't want it to be dog type animals I want something equal to the Locust.

Neonridr1254d ago

I am sure there will be lots of varied enemies to take on in this game..

christocolus1254d ago


GOW always has different enemy types. I'm sure there will be a lot more than that, also i was thinking ,what if the main character shown in the demo is Marcus's son?

Godz Kastro1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Marcus has a son?

OT: Game looks phenomenal and is still over a year away.

Gamer7771254d ago

The player character looked more like he would be Baird's son.

christocolus1254d ago

@Godz Kastro

Nope. i actually have no idea.


Yeah. why didnt i think of that.

curtis921254d ago

A little too dark. I could barely tell what was happening in the press conference demo.

spicelicka1254d ago

You must have never played Gears 1 then, or any survival horror game.

AngelicIceDiamond1254d ago

Those Character Models atmosphere, the dark horror tone and UE4. Yeah this games a must.

tgunzz1254d ago

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!!!

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