Cliff Blezinski reacts to Gears of War 4 announcement

Gears of War creator Cliff Blezinski, currently of Boss Key Productions, took to his Twitter yesterday to share in the announcement of Gears of War 4 on Xbox One.

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christocolus1275d ago

I hope Cliffy gets to work with Rod again on one of the future GOW titles.

donthate1275d ago


It is time for fresh hands to take it over!

Mr Pumblechook1275d ago

I thought the same when I watched it but didn't say anything incase the zealots here attacked me. But glad the co-createor of Gears could see it and was open about it?

christocolus1275d ago


I agree. I believe Rod and the team will do a great job.

OpieWinston1275d ago

I feel it's more like Bungie working on Halo in the future. The ones who had a passion for the project stayed.

All the ex Gears leads who've joined The Coalition are what means the passion will always be there.

Who knows if Cliffy/Bosskey ever work with The Coalition in the future, much like Certain Affinity(Halo 2/3 Multiplayer team) have with 343i.

Perjoss1275d ago

After a certain amount of years working on the same franchise even the most passionate and patient of developers want to work on something different.

aLucidMind1275d ago

What Perjoss says is definitely true. Just look at Beenox; under Activision, literally the only games they've done in the last 10 years have been Spider-Man games. They did wonderful work with Shattered Dimensions, but that was their last good one. Their most recent iteration literally feels like they phoned it in. They clearly weren't enjoying developing that game.

Halo2ODST21274d ago

There is only 1 bungie employee at 343, there used to be 4 but they left.

Halo2ODST21274d ago

Also, are you trying to say that only the "passionate" devs want to work on the same game for 30 years, i can see why Bungie & Epic moved on.

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wakeNbake1275d ago ShowReplies(5)
LifeInNZ1275d ago

The Twitch stream failed for me yesterday, in adiition to blocky streaming it stopped completely on several occasions. Gears 4 looked awful because of the stream; a blocky dark mess. I switched to Youtube live streaming afterwards...everything came through crystal clear in HD.

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MilkMan1275d ago

That looked like a generic third person shooter bro. Best part of that was the storm.

bouzebbal1275d ago

fully agree.. looks and plays like the previous ones. nothing wowing from that gameplay sequence.
it's generic and really lacking innovation.

nX1274d ago

I loved the previous Gears but my expectations for the first next-gen entry were a bit higher tbh. I'll still play it with friends but I'm not sure whether "Been there done that in 1080p" can keep me interested for too long. Horizon is a prime example of proper videogame evolution.

christocolus1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Double post.

Dirtnapstor1275d ago

Like most debuts, we've really seen nothing. Just a taste to wet our lips, nothing more. Kind of hard to pass judgement on something when you're holding nothing.

Professor_K1275d ago

Generic tps?
bro please, get out of here
its gears, this game freaking madeit for tps!

kaizokuspy1274d ago

Gears of War judgement was garbage. You can say bc it is gears of war they can do no wrong, but judgement made me quit the franchise because it was poorly done and I don't see them improving the series for the better.

StrayaKNT1275d ago

This alone put the nail in sonys e3 conference imo

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GTgamer1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Haha No :/ gears gameplay did not blow any minds what so ever.

badz1491274d ago

Only a blind fanboy would even say that Gears 4 and Halo 5 gameplay shown during the conference were anything amazing or mindblowing. As 2 of the biggest Xbox franchises there is, what they showed back there was a huge let down. It screams GENERIC

WitWolfy1274d ago

It's basically the same Gears of War with the same art style, the same steroid one dimensional character line up and probably the same next to non existent story line game.

Nothing made me go... "WTF!! I need an XBONE NOW!!" when I saw it... That BC announcement on the other hand though, now that got my attention...

spicelicka1274d ago

It's basically the same Gears of War with the same (amazing) art style, the same steroid one dimensional character line up (who cares?) and probably the same next to non existent story line game (probably weren't paying attention).

But you forgot to add the greatest third person gameplay possible ever. You do know we play games for GAMEPLAY right? So there fixed.

DLConspiracy1274d ago

It certainly wasn't COD. Might be best to not deduce an entire game based only on a few minutes oF a gameplay trailer. I'm sure there will be hours more gameplay that the game gives. Let's wait and see.

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