Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Screenshots

EB: "Alongside the announcement of Fatal Frame’s upcoming Wii U release, a trailer and screenshots have been released."

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Dubaman1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

If only there were an event or occasion centred around gaming, where they could have shown off this latest info......

Anyway, i cant wait for it to be released as it will be my first FF title. Heard nothing but good things about the series as a whole and should help scratch that horror itch i've been having lately.

Neonridr1275d ago

that and it's like the gamepad was made with a game like this in mind. Like that old expression goes "it fits like a glove".

Pozzle1275d ago

Can't wait for this game! It's a shame Nintendo don't seem to be interested in marketing it much though :(