1UP: Unreal Tournament 3 Review (Xbox 360)

When Unreal Tournament 3 came out for the PC, only 49 states belonged to the Union (Hawaii was still a territory). When the PS3 port came out, gas was less than two dollars a gallon. These facts may not be true, but they feel true -- UT3's Xbox 360 version is huffing and puffing and bringing up the rear, long after anyone cares to watch the race.

On any platform, UT3 is what it is: a smorgasbord of elaborate geometry, fast old-school gameplay, classic UT weapons, and some of the best pre-Quake Wars bots. Vehicles include some totally sweet alien tripods, hovertanks, and weird things with tentacles. The slimmed-down gameplay modes are disappointing compared to the last UT, but Xbox 360 players wouldn't know that, so it's pretty much all cool.

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Be some angst going on in this Gamerzone (and especially the Open Zone) if anyone still cares about UT3 scores.

wolfehound223714d ago

lol man if there bashing this game for it coming out only a few months after the PS3 and PC. Then I can only imagine what they will say when Bioshock comes out for the PS3.