Nintendo's Digital Event Was A Complete Failure

Nintendo finally had their moment to shine with their Digital Event, but did they step up to the plate?

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bunt-custardly1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Gonna post this again cos. Well I completely agree this was the best part.

In response to the article.

Failure no

Underwhelming yes.

Concertoine1274d ago

I think this hurt the image of their console more than it helped them. That is a failure.

50% of this conference was literally Mario and Zelda. It's like they gave in to that stereotype.

Septic1274d ago

Yup called it:

*Sits back waits for thuglife glasses and spliff to appear

mikeslemonade1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Okay I am getting crap for giving NIntendo a B. They deserve a B because they atleast showed many exclusives even though the exclusives were mainly for the 3DS. The 3DS is still a capable system.

This is why they still did better than Microsoft who underwhelmed with their Big 3. Halo, Gears, and Tomb Raider were underwhelming.

DC7771273d ago

Yep...terrible. I guess I was right. Zelda is the swan song as there is nothing else next year.

Absolutely disappointed. Even Starfox looked like crap.

Thanks for making a crappy Metroid multiplyer shooter on 3DS that looks awful.

Only highlights were an epic XCX trailer with a disappointing release date and maybe the new Zelda multiplayer 3DS game.

ShinMaster1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I enjoyed the Star Fox footage, but it was visually underwhelming compared to the Bayonetta 2 easter egg. I mean come on. The Wii U is supposed to be a bit more powerful than the PS3 and 360. So what gives!?

No new Metroid game. No Zelda Wii U either.

A competitive "Metroid" game on 3DS that doesn't have Metroid mechanics or Samus in it.

Animal Crossing spin-off and a Mario/Luigi and Paper Mario crossover game that kinda loses the charm of either game.

I mean, wtf? Are we getting screwed here? Are they focusing on the NX now?

GordonKnight1273d ago

I thought they would've had one more big game like F-zero. Also, thought they would 've shown more N64 VC that would be released soon or today. Really wanted to see other round of Mario Kart 8 DLC.

I'm going to purchase the FF 7 remake on PS4, but really wish that game would come out on Wii U as well. As the gamepad is awesome for RPGs.

JuleyJules1273d ago

Console? What console? They forgot the name of it and I can't remember either. We get that Mario Bros is 30 years old this year but when it's beaten into our heads over and over who really cares?

The least they could have done is had release dates other than 'Fall 2015' or 'Holiday 2015' and trailers for Fatal Frame, Devil's Third and maybe, just maybe, a surprise game that's either in development or coming soon other than Mario.

We heard about all those games before except that Tennis one. Even more things like the Skylanders crossover would have been good. What about being able to use the amiibos we have in it? Anything would have been better than silence.

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N4g_null1273d ago

I agree... not exactly failure but not what it could have been.

Magicite1273d ago

Sony overdelivered, Nintendo under delivered.

DarthZoolu1273d ago

i will never understand the remake love

pcz1273d ago

this years e3 for nintendo was an unmitigated disaster. they failed spectacularly in every aspect. what incentive did they give people to buy a wiiu? what hope did they give to current wiiu owners that there would be great games in the pipeline? really, the answer is none. nintendos event was a failure.

prior to the show i had little to no interest in the ps4. now my interest has sky-rocketed. that is a success for sony. and i guarantee you, current ps4 owners will be over-joyed. i mean, come on, final fantasy 7 remake, its just not fair, nobody could compete. but the most alarming thing is- nintendo had absolutely nothing. no surprises, not good ones anyway.

nintendo were definitely going to get a wiiu purchase for me this year on the strength of xenoblade x, but after such a appalling e3 showing, im starting to rethink.. i mean, the wiiu has NOTHING. i would be buying an obsolete console, even if it is for one amazing looking game. i cant afford to waste money like that. i would probably buy xenoblade x and store it until the wiiu can be picked up for £50

this is the consequence of such a poor show- nintendo lose custom

GordonKnight1273d ago

The Wii U library as a whole makes the console worth a purchase IMO. Their E3 direct was a disappointment. Final Fantasy 7 on Wii U would've been epic even if it was six month after PS4's release of it. I'm going to purchase it for my PS4, but still wish one day it'll come to the Wii U. (I come dream)

Where was F-zero?

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Concertoine1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Where was Retro, Next Level, Fatal Frame, Devil's Third, the Project games...

This was an awful year for Nintendo, no one seems to be arguing that. They still have a great line up for the rest of this year, but what the hell?

Metallox1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Next Level Games is making Metroid Prime: Federation Force n.n

That alone is beyond pathetic.

Concertoine1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

*prepares noose*

Edit: Just found out Platinum is helping with Star Fox though. Chalk one up for my predictions, lolol...

NukaCola1273d ago

Mario RPG crossover looks ok. Doesn't seem to have the charm of either M&L or Paper Mario rpgs though. I really like the amount of stuff in Super Mario Maker. That looks awesome!


Star Fox looks terrible. New Zelda looks like 10 steps back from Four Swords. And that Metroid???? Holy hell, just kill that abomination with fire please. This was a severe let down from Nintendo.

Erik73571274d ago

Told everyone that they are abandoning this console.

That-Guy1274d ago

I wonder had they bowed out of E3 this year if that would have been less damaging to their reputation.

I love Nintendo, but for their usual high standards, this was very concerning.

DarthZoolu1273d ago

About the same as always to me.

Big_Game_Hunters1273d ago

That metroid game was such a huge middle finger to the fans, As well as that Animal crossing board game. They made that board game spinoff just to have a reason to put AC amiibos out fast.

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iSuperSaiyanGod1274d ago

Bunch of gimmick games . No real ones besides yoshi & Mario maker . Complete waste of my time . No animal crossing Wii u (don't call that lame game they announced animal crossing bc it's not) . Pretty annoyed I stayed home & canceled my dermatologist appointment for this

girevik1274d ago

My thought is that they're holding off games for their new system. It's just a feeling I have.

Erik73571274d ago

Yep, every Nintendo fan told me "Nooo zelda wont be canceled for wii-u!"

Yea where the hell is it then? Did they even show it? If it was coming out for wii-u, pretty sure they were going to show it.

girevik1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I agree. They would show more and announce a date. They said they'll speak more about the new system in 2016.

Summons751273d ago

They said a while ago they weren't ready to show it you dingus. It's releasing holiday 2016 you will see it next year or get a direct later this year. Where was God of War? They didn't show it, clearly canceled for PS5 by your logic.

girevik1273d ago

Summons75 is so sensitive... ;)

LOL_WUT1274d ago

They focused too much on Mario Maker and 3DS games. Animal crossing was not what I was expecting, Starfox looked very bad and Retro was a no show. ;)

Is it just me or are these E3 Nintendo Directs getting worser each year?

crusf1274d ago

Your enjoying every minute of this I'm sure.

Concertoine1274d ago

They were actually on an upward trend up until now.

2012- pretty bad
2013- decent
2014- great
2015- AWFUL

Yehshuah1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

2014 was not really great idk what are you smoking. 2010 and 2011 was their best.

2010: announcement 3ds

2011: announcement wii u

2014: another online broadcast and oh yea...amibo!

Timbalada1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

The word you were looking for was worse. ;)

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