Here is Nintendo's Full Game Lineup Until 2016

Nintendo has released a brand new infographic with the schedule and release dates for all of its titles and amiibo for the rest of 2015 leading into the beginning of 2016.

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Concertoine1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Lol they forgot Devil's Third and Fatal Frame. You want those games to sell right...?

They have a really solid line up for the rest of this year on both consoles, but i fear we'll be seeing nothing but shovelware to pad the library until Zelda, or the NX if it releases in 2016.

By the way, only 22k watching their stream now. Last year i remember it being like 70k-80k.

Emrage1274d ago

You know there are a lot of live streams not just 1.

KaladinStormblessed1274d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Devils third and Fatal Frame aren't going to sell if people don't know about it...sure all of us gamers that tune in to gaming news know, but the masses don't know jack about these games, and even Nintendo is failing to acknowledge that they even exist.

Big_Game_Hunters1274d ago

No Xenoblade until December? NoA what the f**k are you doing.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1274d ago

translating a big game and during english VA

Moonman1274d ago

All I have to say is Super Mario Maker. Went above and beyond my extremely high expectations. I mean damn!

The 10th Rider1274d ago

I definitely agree, but man, they need to stop shoving that game down our throats. At this point I roll my eyes almost every time I see it. Just release it already, lol

Trolltroll1274d ago

I am a big nintendo fan and that was horrible digital e3 event. Well over half of the content was shown last year. At least last year they had zelda. Hell even last months direct was more packed than this rewashed. Let me guess Devils Third reviled via tree house what a joke.

The 10th Rider1274d ago

I know! I felt like there wasn't a SINGLE major surprise for Wii U.

A new Mario tennis? Okay...

A new Animal Crossing? YAY!'s like Mario Party? WTF IS THIS?!?!?!

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