REPORT: Platinum Games Developing Star Fox Zero

NE: "We’ve known for a while that Nintendo and Platinum had a good relationship, but not this much! While at first it was assumed that Nintendo themselves were working on Star Fox Zero, the new Star Fox title for the Wii U, it now has been announced by Nintendo’s Twitter account that the title is being made by Platinum Games, of Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 fame."

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Neonridr1251d ago

Wow, good on Platinum, the game looked great.

donman11250d ago

The game visually is very Very underwhelming. Gamecube Star Fox Adventures pushed the then gamecube which was graphically brilliant looking and gameplay was very immersive. This game for the WiiU graphically is very poor. The efforts made with Zelda WiiU is clear with lush environments and attention to details. What I see here with Starfox is the complete opposite. Very disappointing.

NiteX1250d ago

I didn't buy a Wii U for top notch graphics so I don't mind. Especially when the majority of PS4 grahpics are underwhelming.

donman11250d ago

Its not about top notch graphics. Zelda WiiU early build looks amazing with lush environments. StarFox is overly simplistic and bland.

Nevers0ft1250d ago

I realise that part of the reason for the sub-par graphics is due to a different view being on the Gamepad, it still looked rough around the edges. No doubt they can add a lot of polish between now and release but my body isn't feeling ready. The dogfights look fun though, so there's still time for them to win me over.

jcnba281250d ago

I agree what the hell are they thinking? SM3DW, WW:HD, Bayonetta 3, Zelda Wii U all look fantastic but this looks like a N64 game..

Captain_Wormy1250d ago

Platinum Games? Star Fox?


gangsta_red1250d ago

Platinum is everywhere nowadays. These guys are going to be the next Capcom.

no_more_heroes1250d ago

So PlatinumGames is working on 3 different exclusives for each platform? Good for them, but I hope they're not being stretched too thin so as to affect the quality of their titles.

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