You Won't Be Receiving a Retail Release of Shenmue III PS4

Push Square: "Much like antagonist Chai, Yu Suzuki has chewed up any hope of a retail release of Shenmue III on the PlayStation 4 – for now. Following last night's shock announcement, a few firm details are starting to emerge regarding the perennially pined after sequel. An updated FAQ, for example, reveals that SEGA has given the series creator the rights to the license – and also that a PS4 retail release isn't currently on the agenda."

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Jalva1105d ago ShowReplies(3)
Benoski1105d ago

Makes sense. Physical copies cost money to make.

Maybe if the game is successful enough...

raWfodog1105d ago

Yeah this won't matter to the real Shenmue fans. They will take whatever they can get their hands (or hard drives) on :)

BiggerBoss1105d ago

Shenmue 3 is Shenmue 3. My hard drive is ready

galgor1105d ago

Exactly. I don't even own a PS4 at the minute but I've backed the game. This game is a long, long time coming.

It's getting made and that's all that really matters to me.

UltimateMaster1105d ago

Don't they receive the game digitally if they pay enough money for it?

Azale1104d ago

I've never played Shenmue before, but want to try it and this doesn't bother me a bit. Why? Not because I'm a fan, but because it's illogical to expect everything you want from this type of game with only a 2 Million Dollar Budget. I don't care for an all digital future either, but this is acceptable since they aren't forcing it on me, it's just they don't have many other options

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Godmars2901105d ago

Except by all counts Sony's already signed on as publisher. All but signed on as publisher.

showtimefolks1105d ago

I just want the game, I will buy it digital. And if it's released in physical retail for than I will buy it again to keep in my collection

DxTrixterz1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Looks like I won't be playing Shenmue 3 then. Such a shame. I screamed and cried when I heard the announcement. Oh well hopefully FF VII remake will get one.

AzubuEntus1105d ago

Really? Are you seriously that desperate for a Shenmue III physical copy?

JoGam1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

I think he was joking people...

Nope, he wasn't joking. LOL

Look below...

DxTrixterz1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

I only play physical games on consoles. Hell I had to pre-order a game from asia because we didn't get physical version. I have many reasons to dislike digital on consoles. I wasn't joking.

fr0sty1105d ago

Your loss... And you might as well give up gaming because this is going to become much more common going forward.

HammadTheBeast1105d ago

It's only $30 for a digital copy, I don't see the issue. Unless you don't have the HDD space.

DxTrixterz1105d ago

I don't. I'll need to buy like 2TB HDD because whenever I want to play a game I have to uninstall one to install another and well having GTA V, BF4 with all DLC, Driveclub with season pass, Destiny, Diablo 3 and I cannot be bothered to wait for all DLC and patches for them to download so I never uninstall them.

kurochi1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

I'm with Dx there....
I'm not a fan of digital copies. Simple reason that I can't share my games with my mates and vice versa.
doesn't mean I won't download games, but I stay away from it if I can.

DxTrixterz1105d ago

You see my main concerns with digital are
1) You can't share them with friends/family.
2) You can't sell them
3) Waiting for them to download long time
4) Your games is just a license. They can take it off you whenever they want.
5) Future of digital games stores. You never know what happens to your digital games if one day the digital stores get shut down.

Baka-akaB1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Actually it's easier for me to share them with friends and family , but of course it's not without restrictions .

But i understand your qualms , even if it doesnt apply to me .

I dont resell games , wich is why i avoid most things with a yearly peremption dates like "fifa/madden/nba" or suck it up , even for disks . Even if i hope for people like you that a digital used market happens someday

I get my games faster via downloading because of my geographic locations . Our local retail releases are usually only on week ends , and usually 3-4 days after EU release at least

And the license part is still an issue now with disc sadly . There are already example of discs purchase temprarily not working due to license issues

Finally it's Shenmue ... it's a second , no third chance that never happens . Tv shows like Firefly would kill to have that . No way it's a valid reason to miss on it . "Screw your friends" they should buy their copy anyway , and you shouldnt resell it :p

pwnsause_returns1105d ago

i believe with how this kickstarter is going right now, i can see a physical release looming.

it doesnt take 2 million to develop this game, they are getting their funding from someone else who probably agreed to fund if people show their interest by funding the kickstarter at least.

so seeing this break the kickstarter and then probably reaching some of its strech goals by tonight, this group that will drop money on it might call for a physical release as well.

JoGam1105d ago

Um, guess I can't get my agree back huh?

Gority1105d ago

So excited you "screamed and cried" but you're willing to cut your nose off to spite your face because no physical copy.

If you want a physical copy that badly get the PC version you big cry baby.

pwnsause_returns1105d ago

yea some people just love to complain as well. i really dont mind this game being digital or going both ways. We've waited a long time for this game to happen. Im happy just to have it on my HDD. of course a physical release will be great as well.

but i do beleive that will happen just because of the pace this kickstarter is getting.

ColonelRex1105d ago

My question is. How big is the download? How much data is it gonna suck up from my 50gb monthly limit?

AzubuEntus1105d ago

If it's larger than your 50gb monthly limit, just go to local places with free wifi and download it there. ._. Yes that means literally carrying your PC/PS4/XBONE to that specific location and install it there, if you're that desperate to play Shenmue III.

silvacrest1105d ago

@AzubuEntus, your senario suggests someone, probably a business owner or manager will be okay with him hooking up a PS4 to a TV (even if the download was started at home, you need a TV to check progress) and there internet, also bare in mind your likely to only have access to wifi since the router is usually tucked away elsewhere so expect it to take forever.

@ColonelRex, just ask a friend with unlimited internet for help or pay a little extra to your ISP for a larger cap for that month, either are better then the mess i described above

funkybudda1105d ago


do you communicate with friends and family using written mails instead of emails?

DxTrixterz1105d ago

Well no but that is a completely different thing.

Takwin1105d ago

Yeah, you will have to give up on gaming soon. Your loss. No one will miss you.

paradigmfellow1104d ago

I mentioned it before. I will stop being a gamer once everything goes digital.

showtimefolks1105d ago


Brother I am also like you but when it's shenmue 3 I will make an exception. Another is yakuza 5 which is also digital

Just because a game is digital doesn't mean I am not gonna play it. And I am sure if it's successful than we will see them release it in physical form

Takwin1104d ago

The fact you claim you swill stop being a gamer when it goes digital is just stupid. Flat out idiotic. You could still choose to spend you money on developers and games that best fit your desire for combination of gameplay, story, DRM, price, etc. To make it so binary is ignorant.

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starcatcher1105d ago

damn :(
Hope it succeeds then.

sarshelyam1105d ago

He says it isn't currently in the plan. That's not a nail in the coffin...why are we mincing words here?

lodossrage1105d ago

Mincing words is all that gets done on this site.

People always reading the headlines (or at best the good parts of a story) and not pay much attention to the rest.

rainslacker1105d ago

If it gets actually publisher backing, then it is a pretty sure thing that it will have a retail release. While the KS interest in this game is huge, the potential profit from a retail release is just too much to lose out on.

Teflon021104d ago

Mighty No. 9 wasn't suppose to have a physical release either. Watch, this will get one, likely Yooka lay-lee as well :) lol. Kick starter games don't usually think that far ahead until they see they got everything done

sarshelyam1104d ago

I don't know. I suppose Igarashi's Bloodstained has spoiled me.

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