What does the Xbox One backwards compatibility mean for the PS4 and PlayStation Now?

GameZone: "In one single announcement, Microsoft went and shocked the gaming world by revealing that the Xbox One is gaining backwards compatibility functionality, which is something we were all hoping would be included in both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Even though no one has really complained about backwards compatibility in a while, it's a feature many would appreciate -- and may be a reason to stay gaming on last-gen consoles since you've spent so much money on those games."

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jackanderson19851127d ago

nothing? they're two separate things altogether aimed at arguably two different sets of people

let MS get a rare jab in this generation, Sony had quite an excellent E3 tho so no-body really noticed or cared about MS's jab

Griever1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

About that jab towards Sony, I have been wondering that if they are launching BC with Xbox 360 titles then why are they releasing the Gears of War Remaster?? Why are they making people pay for it when they can just play their original Gears of War discs? Besides BC means little in the grand scheme of things. Xbox 360 was BC with the original Xbox but nobody cared. Most gamers buy new consoles to play new games. It is a good feature but when you have so many next-gen games coming, people rarely touch the several year old games lying around.

EDIT: @ Septic and GMR_PR

EXACTLY; a remaster is a completely different matter. It provides upgraded visuals, resolution and framerate. That is exactly what Sony has been providing customers with its remasters so why take the jab at them for doing what you (MS) are doing too? It is self-defeating to criticize a rival for remasters and then go on to announce your own remaster. Furthermore, Sony is not forcing anybody to pay just like MS isnt forcing anyone as GMR_PR pointed out.

Septic1127d ago

Because its a remaster. You don't get the visual upgrade plus 60fps in SP and MP. You also benefit from an invigorated community with potentially higher numbers on the remaster edition.

It depends on the game but some games, especially ones with MP will still have a market for remasters.

GMR_PR1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Gears remastered is for the one who want to play the game at 1080/60FPS and the one who don't have the game already.

They are not making you do anything you have the choice to buy or not buy the game.

jackanderson19851127d ago

well they did say they were uncertain if they could get it running and GoW remaster has been out there for some time (leaks happened a good while back)... maybe they went "feck it, we've developed it, lets just release it"

Letthewookiewin1127d ago

I don't have time to play my old games. So I don't care. If Sonys service was free I still wouldn't use it. Easy as that. But good for the gamers that care I guess.

Septic1127d ago


"That is exactly what Sony has been providing customers with its remasters so why take the jab at them for doing what you (MS) are doing too?"

(1) Because you have to shell out a lot more for remasters whereas most last gen games are very cheap and

(2) There aren't remasters for every last gen title.

(3) You get to use your existing library of games on your new console with all the new capabilities

(4) Its just better

OB1Biker1127d ago

'With Xbox One backward compatibility, we won’t charge you to play the games you already own.”
IMO that just sounds funny and completely miss the trolling it was meant to be.
For that matter I'm not sure of the worth filling your HD with last gen games

LeCreuset1127d ago


As a PS gamer, I interpreted it as a shot at PS Now, not the remaster industry.

PONTIAC08G8GT1127d ago

Funny, if Sony came out with backwards compatibility, every PS owner would be clamoring that the X1 should become a paperweight and Sony is king of the world.

But since it's on X1, it's not that important, remastered games are better, no one cares anymore, etc etc.

When these systems first came out, everyone cried about no backwards compatibility. Now it's there and no one cares because MS did it. Some real characters on here...

Griever1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )


I never said BC is bad or Remasters are good. It is your fellow Xbox fans Septic and GMR_PR who said that. I just used their argument for Sony Remasters because the same logic applies over there too. BC has never been actually a big deal because a VERY small percentage of the console gamers play last-gen games on current hardware. PS3 removed PS2 BC and it did not impact the console in any significant way. If Sony had announced BC for PS3 titles on PS4 then I would have said the same thing I have said here; it is a good feature for the few who care but no deal breaker or game changer for anyone.

gangsta_red1127d ago

"That is exactly what Sony has been providing customers with its remasters so why take the jab at them for doing what you (MS) are doing too?"

Because MS isn't charging you to play old games like Sony is. Sony is re-selling your old games TWICE. Sony isn't forcing you to buy or rent them but they sure aren't giving it to you for free.

"I just used their argument for Sony Remasters because the same logic applies over there too."

No you didn't, you just used your own statement to justify your own argument.

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Insomnia_841127d ago

That "jab at Sony" actually made MS look pretty stupid. Playstation Now is a video game streaming service that was never meant to be the "bc fix" for PS4. That was a pretty ignorant statement by MS in my honest opinion.

RiPPn1127d ago

I think Sony has kind of marketed PS Now as a way to play PS3 games on the PS4, so in a sense they weren't completely wrong.

What I do find funny is Xbox fans were up in arms about the vocal jabs Sony took at Microsoft the last 2 E3s, but love the jab Microsoft took at Sony yesterday. Typical hypocrisy amongst that lot.

As an Xbox One owner I love the feature, and once it gets most games added I can finally pack my 360 away. As a PS4 owner, I wish Sony would figure out a way to implement a similar feature but I imagine the Cell is a far more complex CPU to emulate so it probably isn't happening.

jcnba281127d ago

Playstation Now was Sony's answer for BC on PS4 since PS3 used the cell.

Looks like the acquisition of Gaikai may have been a waster of money.

OB1Biker1127d ago

I agree in that PSNOW is not supposed to be for playing games 'you already own'

iSuperSaiyanGod1127d ago

Ps now was Sony BC . Nobody should act like its not . Because it is . I tell they say our ps4 can play PS3 disks . It is . Xbox won that round . The backwards compatibility powns ps now lol . Play games for free that you already own > have to rent or re buy

SonofGod1127d ago

What about the countless of jabs Sony has done towards their competitors over several years? No-one takes more jabs at competition as Sony.

Look at all the Sony fanboys here on N4G saying BC is useless now and nobody really cares. But if Sony had announced it, the fanboys of this cesspool of a website would be ecstatic.

gangsta_red1127d ago

Why do people not think that PS Now is the answer to the whole BC problem that a lot of users were asking for.

It's meant to address the BC problem and provide a future service that can be accessed from multiple devices. At the same time a foundation to test the waters of a gaming rental/streaming service for anything that may be coming in the future.

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joab7771127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

I'd rather have and see Sony develop Now for the future. Don't waste any time, money or resources on BC. There's a reason it wasn't used this gen initially. Stats show that while many crave it early in a cycle, very few ever use it.

What Sony could do is allow a discount on PSN games you have already bought on PS3. And give PS+ users like 1 game a month from Now.
I just think Now has so much potential for the PS4 as well as any smart device.

MS knows that Sony can't do it, so it's like a gimmicky jab b/c most gamers that will go back and play older games NEVER sell their old games or machines.

phantomxll1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Wait a sec... You'd rather pay a discount rate to play games you already own than have backwards compatibility and just pop in the disc or download it into your new hardware?

Can everyone please take their Fan boy shades off and just think for a second... seriously!

hulk_bash19871127d ago

PS Now is a streaming service for not only the PS4 but for the PS Vita, playstaton TV and even Smart TVS. So to compare it to simple backwards compatibility is unfair imo. But that doesn't mean I would say no to a bc update for my PS4. With that being said however, I have my PS3 and 360 right next to my PS4 and Xbox One so I'm fine either way.

iSuperSaiyanGod1127d ago

Right phantom . I'm a ps gamer & a Xbox & Nintendo gamer . But some these people are just ridiculous . Free bc on games you own , is way better then having to rent or re buy games you own lol . Like they said they going to be updating more titles to . So there's really no downside . & if you don't have the games . Can pick them up for $5-10 a pop to keep . Last gen games are super cheap now . Why rent a game when you can own for the same price basically

LeCreuset1127d ago

I noticed. I liked it. I don't own an Xbox anything, but good. It's a contrast that should be called out. People had moved on from pushing for real backwards compatibility. This reopens that door.

People get so personally invested in their preferred systems that console wars are painted as bad to spare overly sensitive feelings. If I can use something the competition is doing to pressure my console manufacturer into delivering the same, good. If the competition is is making the contrast all the more evident by throwing it in their face, even better.

PS Now and b/c are two separate things, but saying that doesn't justify the contrast. One solution to playing old games on current gen allows you to do so for free where the other solution only allows for renting games you already own.

vega2751127d ago

I don't think people have moved on from it. Just the vocal fanboys have tried to justify the HD remakes as a good thing for every game released last gen. Just as the same people saying "who cares about BC" are the same people excited for ps now and being able to play games from the ps3. Now it's but no one cares when in reality people do.

Oschino19071127d ago

"One solution to playing old games on current gen allows you to do so for free where the other solution only allows for renting games you already own."

No, just no...

X1 BC is not free, you must own the game on 360 and own a X1.

PS Now is not just for "renting" games you already own. It's purpose is to instantly stream a catalog of Ps1, Ps2, Ps3, Psp, Vita, Ps4 games to various compatible devices (Ps systems, pc, mobile, tv, etc...)

LeCreuset1127d ago


Stop with the "no, just no" and the needless attempt to nitpick language you well understood. Even without breaking down what I said, you know what I meant. But since you want to go there, let's look at it:

"X1 BC is not free. you must own the game on 360 and own a X1."

You first clause is incorrect, regardless of the truth of your second. X1 BC is free. If stores started giving away XB1 consoles, would you stand there shouting "No, it's a trick. It's not free. You still have to buy the games"?

"PS Now is not just for 'renting' games you already own."

Did I say it was "just" for doing that, or did I recognize PS Now as a solution for playing already owned prior gen games on PS4 which requires renting those games?

Most, if not all, commenting here know the difference between XB1 b/c and PS Now. I even acknowledged they aren't the same in my comment. The language I used is clear to understand the point, as is the context I used it in.

This strikes me as the same needless nitpicking for the sake of argument which occurs when someone feels the need to alert everyone that the free games with PS+ aren't actually free. As if we're all too stupid to have noticed they only come with a subscription. It's like the person standing up at a pro-wrestling event to shout about it being fake. A needless revelation that is entirely beyond the point.

fanboysmackdown1127d ago

Typical fanboy comment. Here's a thought, get both consoles and you'll never need to worry who wins or loses another E3. Fanboys kill me, it's like a Ford fan dissing a 69 Camaro and a Chev fan dissing a 67 Mustang......get over you fanboy self.

jackanderson19851127d ago

are you calling me a fanboy? never sure on this some people just reply to the top comment to get up closer.

i have all 3 consoles (and a decent pc to boot), i enjoy all 3 consoles immensely.

not sure how it'd be a "fanboy" comment anyways

Manic20141127d ago

I'd say they are almost separate in terms of service for console. One will provide backwards compatibility for titles already owned and the other has no backwards compatibility but an alternative on PS Now, which IMHO is a rip off. One way Sony can challenge on the front is by allowing gamers to stream for free the games they already own.

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jrshankill1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

180s everywhere. My god.

If you are happy to "RENT" games you already own, be my guest.

It is unreal how so many have changed their tone after the Xbox press conference. If Sony announced that you could pop in a PS3 disc into the PS4 and download the game, you would have been gushing.

After the whole "how to share a game" and X1 launch fiasco, MS has turned a huge corner and now Sony have seemingly slimed their way backwards by charging up-the-ass to make their $300mil service turn a profit. More wasted money, and the Sony fan camp STILL defend it.

"Ugh but PSNow can be used on more than just consoles" - Say hello to Windows 10

"It has more games" - At an EXPENSIVE price, X360 BC will support more in the future

"who cares about old gen games?" - Place was pretty pumped at Ultra SF IV a few weeks back, and how many folks cried they were going back to Skyrim after laughing at ESO?

"PSNow and streaming is the future of gaming. It will grow with PSNow exclusive games" - HA! DRM? Always online to play games?!?! 180!


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JoGam1127d ago

Nothing really because Playstation Now can be used on more than just consoles. Plus it has more games available at the moment.

Antifan1127d ago

Also, expensive. BC is free. Not giving Sony a damn cent to replay my games, plus over streaming where I never actually own these games.

JoGam1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

True. Those prices gotta be adjusted.

Khajiit861127d ago

I didnt know 360 games were free. I can get PS Now and play a bunch of older games not just 1.

Unreal011127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

This ^

I didn't realise all these 360 games are free. The BC stuff will fizzle out when people realise they've already played/completed/got bored of the majority of last gen's games and they'll move on. I still have BC on my 60gb PS3 and I've barely ever touched it, and that's even with the huge libraries of the PS1 and PS2.

Fro_xoxo1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

PS Now has it's perks, but they aren't enough to outweigh local backward compatibility.

XO's solution to BC is better than PS Now for two reasons:

Free service &
Not reliant on Internet connection.

truth be told, if the PS4 fanbase were given a choice between local backward compatibility and PS now, we all know which they'd choose.

//to answer the question. It means nothing to PS4 and PS Now. It means a whole lot to the XO fanbase.

joab7771127d ago

I wouldn't choose BC. I just wouldn't. First, I wouldn't use it. Most ppl aren't going to. And as I've said, the majority that would, aren't selling their 360's anyway. Second, Now is much more beneficial to Sony and it's future.

vallencer1127d ago

You would choose it because it would be provided to you for free. And who in their right mind would say no to a free service. Now is only more beneficial to Sonys' service because it generates them money. That's it.

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Joe9131127d ago

PS now is not a answer to BC Sony is supposed to be working on a method for true BC PS now are for people who are new to ps and may only have a vita or ps4 and want to play a bunch of ps3 games or don't want to buy a console and have a smart TV you can try it that way as well I see some benefit to it for hardcore gamer's but not much.

1127d ago
Joe9131121d ago

timotim like I said I don't see much use for gamer's but if a person just bought a Sony,Samsung,or LG smart TV they might try out a ps now game or two hell this can get people not into games into games who knows lol. Again asfor gamer's it will not be so big maybe a game that you missed here and there but I doubt anyone will be paying yearly for this service.

Khajiit861127d ago

I agree.

I would choose BC over PS Now.

PS Now has its perks because you have many games for that price right at your fingertips. I wish I could have both, Would be nice not to have to buy some games just play them on PS now instead. Would love to add games like RDR, Resistance etc. to my collection though.

DEEBO1127d ago

It's means good for MS bad for Sony let's be honest here.

I love PS4 but 180 a year for ps3 games is too if they had ps1, ps2, ps3,psp games then yeah but MS nailed it with BC.

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

no bro, what they would have nailed is if they just went ahead and gave you a free 360 and a free XB while they are at it for that real native BC bro. /s

I'm not sure whats "bad" for Sony? They are in the business of selling both a PS4 and PS3, not giving folks free systems just for lolz. I'd honestly rather they focus on other features then BC, I got a PS4 for PS4 games.

Want those games? Why don't you actually keep those systems? I kept my PS3 and even bought a new one and gave my original to my sister based on wanting to still play my huge backlog.

I could care less about BC, it isn't native and it makes MORE sense for me to keep my system vs hope Sony does some program for 18 games I might own.

I mean...would you pay $120 extra for a PS4 that had PS3 BC?

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Shazz1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

When all the big hitters are supported and in there come release then it will be great for Xbox one owners . put bitterness aside and get both consoles trust me its worth it