Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference Delivered the Goods But Lacked Direction and Focus

Sony was able to show us a lot of games last night and managed to whip the crowd in attendance into a frenzy on more than a few occasions. Despite this Sony seemed to lack some direction in their delivery.

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Digital_Anomaly1104d ago

Gotta say, as someone who was in the crowd, that I kinda disagree a bit. I'm the eternal optimist though when it comes to this stuff. I see the great stuff planned through the minor missteps. Some amazing games shown overall!

JoeReno1104d ago

Sony didn't waste a bunch of time with numbers for investors this year. It wasn't like press events of the past. It was games games and more game. What is to complain about.

Lacked direction & focus? The only part about it that felt odd was the Morpheus section, and to me that's because I was expecting the rest of the show would be all about it, but then they when back into games.

JoGam1104d ago

Yeah I don't know WHAT this article is talking about. Did he just say it lack direction and focus? WTF?

Plus didn't Sony say their conference will be different from the past?

TearsOfARapper841104d ago

Was I the only one that felt awkward with how much they were making these guys rush so they could get on to the next thing? These guys kept messing up and commenting how they only have a few minutes and such. That poor No Man's Sky dev looked panicked the whole time. I wish they spent less with things like a game coming out next week, and Call of Duty, and Assassin's Creed, and more time letting those guys show us what they have!

Genuine-User1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

This opinion piece is almost hilarious. PlayStation conference was packed with games.

styferion1104d ago

maybe because it's not dudebro direction

GMR_PR1104d ago

No Mans Sky presentation lacked any kind of structure, it was like they told the guy, "You have 3 minutes, just say something about the game"

other than that everything was on point.

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showtimefolks1104d ago

Direction and focus oh yeh like how they announced 3 of playstation fabs most wanted games. Plus show new IP's

And great 3rd party support

callahan091104d ago

This article makes no sense. On the contrary to its point, the conference was LAZER-FOCUSED on delivering games after games after games, with a total of, what 4 or 5 minutes of the entire show that wasn't explicitly dedicated to showing off specific games?

Magicite1104d ago

Sony totally conquered E3 this year!

3-4-51104d ago

* The mood was good, and there was cheering, but the actual factual substance from the show was only "so good".

Lets not blow things out of proportion, or exaggerate them.

For what it was, it was a solid conference, for both Microsoft & Sony, but neither was "amazing" or anything like that.

Fanboys on each side need to cool their emotions and praise a bit.

* Both good conferences

* Both good new games

* Both had surprises

* XB1 had Rare collection

* PS4 had FF7 Remake + Shenmue

Both had a couple "ehhh" things to show

* Neither show was boring.

They were similar in a lot of ways, and reminded me of Live versions of Nintendo's Directs, in that they got right to the good stuff and cut the BS from last years show.

* Nobody "killed it"

* Nobody "won"

* Both had respectable showings that should be enough to please current fans, and hopefully entice a few new ones to jump on board.

* I enjoyed both conferences, and can't wait to see what Nintendo & Square-Enix have in store for us.

* Let's be realistic,reasonable, rationale,logical about all this.

Calm your emotions everyone, let the hype fade and look at it for what it REALLY is.

* Both sides did well so far.

I expect the same from Nintendo.

Jdoki1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

What a kill joy!

Gaming is supposed to be a fun and exciting activity.

"Let's be reasonable, rationale (sic), logical"


The way I see it, we have awesome games to play now, and E3 confirmed we'll have awesome games to play over the next 1 to 3+ years.

We finally saw Last Guardian, and it appears to have everything that made ICO and Colossus great. And it will be out within 18 months.

We have a new Guerilla IP that may be Sony's answer to Monster Hunter

People have been waiting years for FFVII remake. And whether it comes in 1 year or 3 years, we now know it is coming

We have a collection of the best Rare games in one value pack. As a huge fan of the N64 I cannot wait

We have a new IP from the creators of Metroid Prime and MegaMan - in what world is that only 'doing well' and only 'so good'.

And that's just the highlights I picked out. Along with Dreams, No Man's Sky and all the other stuff MS showed us, it's an exciting and awesome time to be a gamer. There was something for everyone in MS and Sony's presentations

The last few E3's have left me disappointed and jaded. This E3 reignited my passion for gaming.

bluzone1104d ago

@3-4-5 I have to agree with what you are saying.
Although I'd have to acknowledge that Sony had a more impressive showing of games.
bubble up for you.

WiiUsauce1104d ago

The announcements were good, but the pacing was off. They'd announce some stupid game nobody cares about then announce a game everyone will sh*t their pants over right after then rinse and repeat and tell a bad joke in between. And all those cheesy montages smh

AngelicIceDiamond1104d ago

Uhhh Sony's E3 was 5x better than last year. Tv talk no huge announcements besides BB and NMS. It wasn't that great it was boring.

This year they were off to crazy good start. TLG is finally back. Horizon is the sexiest game I've ever seen. and Shenmue 3 kickstarter was outt know where.

The second half sure they spoke about heavy third party this year but next year Sony has a killer line up.

Nooope this year was way better than last year. Though I'm surprised no real indie focus, GT7, Or GoW

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Kal-V31104d ago

Always something to complain about. Always.
This conference was damned near perfect. it had something for everyone. Long anticipated fan favorites, new IPs, indies, big budget AAA.

What are your complaints about the MS conference, I wonder?

The 10th Rider1104d ago

Well, there was that iffy start to Uncharted 4. That had me a bit confused. I wonder what was up with that? The screen was black for an unusually long amount of time...And then when it finally came up Nathan Drake wasn't moving at all, lol.

Of course I don't consider that a negative, with so many things it's almost inevitable for a few hiccups like that. It just made me chuckle.

Spotie1104d ago

So you don't consider it a negative, but still felt the need to bring it up as if it were?

MrDead1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Showing wall to wall games at a games show = Lacked Direction and Focus.

In this short article the writer struggles to come up with content to try to justify the title...... this article lacks direction and focus.

Edit: My god, this article was approved fast.

Letthewookiewin1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Haha people are trying to bury the fact Sony made MS look like a french fry next to a steak. Xpeople were banking so hard that this was going to be were MS gained ground and Sony lit the hill on fire.

stuna11104d ago

Lacked focus!? The focus was the gamers!!! Games that were highest on the most requested list are in the process of becoming a reality for many gamers.

WeAreLegion1104d ago

You're right. Martin Scorsese should have done Sony's press conference.


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