Sony vs. Microsoft: Who Had the Best E3 2015 Press Conference?

CraveOnline: "Sony and Microsoft have now both held their E3 2015 press conferences, with both companies having put on incredibly strong showings this year. After a lackluster E3 2014 in which we weren’t exactly inundated with Earth-shattering announcements, Sony and Microsoft went back to the drawing board and returned in 2015 with a slew of upcoming games for their respective systems."

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DarkOcelet1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Sony hands down!

The Last Guardian
Shenmue 3
FFVII Remake

Nuff said! The show was really Jaw Dropping.

Uncharted 4
No Man's Sky
World Of Final Fantasy

Those games were just icing on the damn beautiful cake.

jackanderson19851128d ago

but what if you don't have an interest in 2 of those 3 games listed? like FF has never done it for me and honestly i know feck all about Shenmue

Kingthrash3601128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Sony won a close fight.
Best e3 in recent memory.

Then don't vote..clearly you gamer level is too low to understand the content.
You don't like RPGs...fine don't know about it cool. Ms had halo, gears forza..all great games..halo and gears are legendary games...very old games though..same old same old games that have been played for over a decade.
Look at it like this don't know feck about shenmu...that's cool...look it up Google it...because as a gamer...a real gamer the most excitement is when it's new. Look at horizon for ps4 ...its a new game, no one has played it...excitement happens...look at halo 5 we know what it's about also awsome but less exciting because there is no mystery to it. Same for gears, same for tomb raider. These games muffled new ips for ms like recore...recore looks great no gameplay but I liked the concept....I think that was the only new game for Xbox....other than that nothing but old games...rare replay, backward compatibility and holo lens muffle recore and rare also had a new game about pirates also a after thought. But you want these old don't want new innovation and that's why you aren't qulified to vote for the better show. Sony had many old many new and many in between. All around balance ...that's why Sony won. The had games for all new, old, and current...with different genres..

Septic1128d ago

^^ I agree.

What an amazing E3.


Well then its MS for you. Its all about tastes.

GarrusVakarian1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Overall I'd give Sony's conference the "win"...but only just.

Uncharted 4 blew me away. The graphics, the small-scale attention to detail, the physics, the scale. It's amazing how ND continue to outdo themselves.

Horizon instantly jumped to one of my most anticipated games and I'd say is the best thing to come out of any of the conferences. Such a fresh and interesting concept coupled with GG's top of the line visuals and what seems to be actual fun gameplay. Very, very promising.

Forza 6 was everything I hoped F5 would be. Looks like a return to form for the series. Hats off to Turn 10 for reminding everyone know who's boss when it comes to console sims.

Halo 5...I wasn't actually too impressed by what I saw of this. Graphically it didn't amaze me, but I guess that's to be expected from a 60fps game. But it wasn't just that, the gameplay just did nothing for me either. Too similar to Halo 4 I think. I'll definitely still pick it up as I've never missed out on any Halo campaign, but I'm not particularly hyped for it.

Gears 4...again, not very hyped, but that's probably due to the fact that they chose an absolutely awful gameplay demo for its debut. It was dark as hell 90% of the time, and what I could see looked like the same old gameplay scenarios I've seen and played tons of times before in past games. Even the animations looked identical. I really look forward to seeing more because that wasn't a very good first showing imo. And I'm so disappointed that the third game isn't being remastered. :(

I'm missing a lot out (and I don't really care about TLG, Shenmue 3, or FF7), but yeah, what an E3. Fantastic time to be a gamer.

Utalkin2me1128d ago

Well Sony knocked it out the park for me. I did not watch MS conference, cause i could care less what they have to offer. I heard MS did well, so good for Xbox1 players.

darthv721128d ago

If I can pick and choose the parts I felt are winners (since its all opinion) I would call it a tie. Both had stuff we knew about and some we didnt.

Both had heavy hitting games that will be out this year and some that wont be until next.

Both showed a genuine passion to entertain the gamers and prospective buyers.

I have held off buying a PS4 and XB1 but this year it's time for me to jump in with both feet. Shenmue 3 is what sold me on a PS4. XB1 backwards compatibility sold me on the XB1.

As strange a reason that is to get the XB1, that's why it's my reason.

kneon1128d ago


I also don't care about those 3 games, but I care even less about what was shown for the XB1. The only new XB1 game that had my interest was recore, but we've hardly seen anything so it's too early to tell.

Baka-akaB1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )


One could argue the same if he's not into Gears and Halo . Both had very great e3 . Difference is Sony had select titles that were wetdreams and "myths" that remained in countless wishlists and rumor mills for year .

That's what would make the consensus of them "winning" .

jackanderson19851128d ago

@thrash my gamer level? ok then i'm just gonna skip past that whole part.

i never said anything about the others, i was excited for Horizon (looks good) and intrigued by Dreams.... his/hers original comment only had the top 3 games with "nuff said" to which i commented on


that's very true indeed and would apply if his/her comment had mentioned those...

people seem to gloss over the initial comments in replies

DeadManMMX1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )


I'm a real gamer I play damn near everything and own damn near everything. That being said Shenmue bored the shit out of me 15 years ago when it was released on my Dreamcast. *Blank face Ryo with moving mouth* "Excuse me" *Blank faced NPC with moving mouth* "Ah Ryo!!". Does that make my gamer score low? We are all going to have differing opinions. Some games are not for everybody and funnily enough the two games announced that everyone is claiming E3 are absolutely NOT for everybody. To me FF7 remake is a dream come true but of all the games show Horizon had the most promise.

Death1128d ago

This is what I know from the conference:

Last night I was able to install the Xbox 360 games I bought digitally and play them on my Xbox One. I was also able to insert a couple of my 360 discs and have the games downloaded and installed to the Xbox One HDD where they were playable. I also know what games are going to be playable this year and could pre-order some of them.

On the PS4 side I know FFVII will release on PS4 first and from the looks of it Shenmue will only be on PC and PS4. Last Guardian was also confirmed to be back from the dead. What we don't know is what year these games will release. I'm not sure how excited I should be or when I should be excited since one of those three just got funded to start development this morning.

From what I seen of the conference yesterday, Sony did exactly what Playstation fans claimed to hate. They money hatted third parties instead of relying on their own talent. Money hatting went from being a bane to gaming and won E3 according to some gamers.

PeaSFor1128d ago

the sony press conf. felt like it was a fan fiction, couldnt beleive it was real.

Why o why1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Oh really Death my good chap

I thought i saw in house fact more in house than yours truly. Easy to spin negative but there's been no role reversal. snagged 3rd party perks and churned from within. If you didn't like the offerings then fair enough but lets not act like any goalposts have been moved.

From where I was standing, Sony was sending a love letter to their core. Pity there was nothing on the driving front though. . Guess we'll have to wait for that

That backwards compatibility announcement was right up there. Great move on ms's part

donthate1128d ago

I felt that Sony had a very good E3 with some good ones, but let's face it, a lot of the content was third party multi-platform like FFVIII remake, and we now know No Man's Sky is likely coming to Xbox One as it is only "debuting" on PS4 and this kept going on and on.

Sony had the right format, a lot of good content, but they relied on third parties to supplement. Also, how can the presser lack information about Project Morpheus?

I can see why MS didn't have much, but Sony?

Sony going in, had all the momentum due to Morpheus and anticipated games (for like 8-years) like Last Guardian, but came out just about same as MS at best.

Major_Bogart1128d ago

your high or something. A kickstarter for a game. Yeah thats great filler. Its not even a game is a thought. And whats up with all the remakes.Zero points for remakes. And sony really wowed me with all their multiplatformers. Its ok that i guess sony has most of its guns on creating vr games. Ok Horizion looked amazing and will enjoy that also No mans sky also a tight showing. Is either of those coming out this year

3-4-51128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Shenmue was special. It was a mix of open world, rpg, action adventure that we haven't really since a lot of since.

And when it was released it was about 5-6 years ahead of it's time IMO.

^ THAT is mainly why most fell in love with it. We hadn't played anything even close.

* I sadly never got to play Shenmue 2, but announcing Shenmue 3 was pretty big for us who grew up playing games in the 90's.

* Solid conference for both, as both offered games I really want to play.

wsoutlaw871128d ago

Ms showed some good stuff like bc, a new controller, and fallout mods (also on ps4) but their main games were halo, gears, and forza, which i found very unexciting. I also probably wouldn't ever use bc.

4Sh0w1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Here's why I thought Microsoft won E3 big time:

3 of Sony's most popular announcements were really old stuff that we STILL don't know when they are coming and 2 of them aren't exclusive as sony didn't use the "console exclusive" tag as they did with SF5, as an Xbox fan only Shenmue 3 slightly interests me:
The Last Guardian -late 2016, if ps fans are lucky?
Shenmue 3 -2017 at best, more likely late 2018, since the game isn't even started
FFVII Remake -2017?
Horizon -imo, Best new IP of E3 -2017?
Uncharted 4 -Great game -March 2016
No Man's Sky -Great game, traveling looks good but it lacked anything very interesting to do when you get there. -2016?
SF5 -Good game. -March 2016
Dreams -Looked more like a paint concept for a tablet than a real game. -When?
---Other Announcements----
Morpheus -didn't show anything cool
Spotify -Boring
TV Stuff -Boring

Microsoft Conference highlights:
Halo 5 Warzone -Great game -Oct 2015
Forza 6 Great game -Sept 2015
RoTomb Raider -**timed exclusive only for 2015, still better than those timed exclusives for ps4 in 2016/2017
Fable Legends -Nice game with cross platform play with PC gamers -Holiday 2015
Sea of Thieves -Looks like a really refreshing new IP from Rare -2016?
ReCore -Spring 2016
Gears4 -Holiday 2016
Gigantic -Nice game beta in Aug,???
Ion -Cool MMO type game, When?
---Other Announcements----
New UI -X1 improves so fast its truly amazing
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller -expensive, not for everybody but my godd, controller is straight up a must have for those serious about luxury customized controllers
Backwards Compatibility was a Bombshell -everyone can play old games on X1 without buying them again if the choose
Game Preview Program is huge -Try before you buy

-Finally 2 things #1 Quantum Break, Scalebound, & Crackdown along with the other 2016 games easily gives Microsoft a strong 2016 lineup to compete with ps4's 2016 lineup and they weren't even mentioned at E3 2015. #2 One thing that also really stands out to me is that Microsoft games generally have a big online or cooperative focus where Sony biggest new IP is likely a SP only experience. Why not give Horizon a co-op component since you don't have many exclusives with it? Games like TLG and ANY FF games don't interest me 1 bit, now Horizon that looks like my kind of game but I also like having more replay value that comes with a social aspect to my games which is why overall I prefer X1 games and culture....somehow I will play Horizon though. lol

4Sh0w1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

^^^Just for clarification I wasn't saying ONLY Shenmue 3 interested me, I was referring to Shenmue of the big 3 long awaited games, as I'm not interested in TLG or FF games at all. I will admit again imo Horizon though was the best new IP introduced on any platform at E3.

Edit you can also ADD HoloLens demo of Mincraft under Microsofts other announcements which by far blew away sony's other announcements away.

jrshankill1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )


You absolutely nailed it.

The other elephant in the room being the Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility vs PSNow. The fact that Sony are now the culprits who expect people to "rent" games they previously owned (whereas MS is allowing people to download these games for free) goes against everything that the Sony camp complained about during X1 launch.

I also love this "Sony snagged some sweet 3rd party games" when, if the shoe was on the other foot, the same people would complain that Microsoft gave the developers a briefcase full of solid gold and bought their services.. like Sony would never do such a thing.

Microsoft showed more 2015 exclusives, an amazing tech demo and better console features.

But, yeah... people will grip onto whatever they feel justifies their purchase. I remember fondly when The Order was first shown...

UnHoly_One1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Death and 4show, you got it right.

Xbox hands down is holding all the cards. Better games, more games, better UI, backwards compatibility, they are just rocking it out.

And Sony is buying early map packs for Call of Duty, the exact thing MS has been getting hated on for doing for years.

I was embarrassed for Sony watching their press conference last night. It was awful. I still expected the fanboys to think they "won", but I didn't expect the degree of delusion I'm seeing today.

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Daz1128d ago

NO not really. BUt hey everyone has opinion.

But People who got both platforms are sure going to have an empty wallets.

DeadManMMX1128d ago

Even thought I don't really feel like Sony won I was still damn happy with what was shown. I'm now excited to see what Nintendo and Square Enix have. Its great not having to choose one or the other.

the_dark_one1128d ago

fully agree, and even if those games arent coming this year, it just shows their commitment it to the future. besides we know whats coming this year, tales of zestria, persona 5, dragon quest, god of war 3, heavy rain, beyond two souls ..... and so many others, and not counting 3th party games

Septic1128d ago

Sony for me as well but only just. Their megaton announcements are what won it for me. I love the shock factor of announcements.

We used to say TLG, FF7 and Shenmue and think of them as wishful thinking. Now its a reality. Its actually madness. I SO regret falling asleep before the show. Bleedin late showings!

Uncharted and Horizon look absolutely stunning. I don't care about my earlier sentiments for the former game's visuals- the art style and sheer depth and detail of the physics...aah! Horizon too looks best of class. Same for TLG.

But MS was no slouch either. I was staring at my screen in disbelief when MS announced backwards compatibility. Recore and Sea of Thieves look like amazing new IP's.

On here it seems like you feel a tinge of guilt and shame if you mention Halo, Forza and Gears but...they are Halo Forza and Gears! Halo 5 looks amazing (not so much graphically) but the gameplay looks so good. Forza sounds too good to be true. Gears didn't impress me tbh.

Both extremely good shows but Sony gets the thumbs up for me.

2015 seems like Xbox's year however.

DarkOcelet1128d ago

Gears 4 was the highlight of the show to me personally.

That is the Gears game i wanted and they listened to their fans when we said we want it dark and about survival.

The reason that i loved Sony's conference more is because they seem to make a great emphasis on Single player experiences and RPG games where MS seems to concentrate more on the MP aspect which is not bad but not my cup of tea.

Daz1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Im not sure but is the halo campaign running at 60 fps like muti? If so you got to put that in consideration.

DarkOcelet now that a good reason to prefer one from the other not because its got Sony or ms on the box ;p

Muerte24941128d ago

I owned an Xbox 360 and after seeing Halo, Forza, and Gears for so long, it tends to lose it's appeal. Gears 4 was too dark for me to see at the conference so I hope there will be a re-up with the brightness corrected.

I'm actually more exicted about Rare's pirate game and Recore.

vikingland11128d ago

With MS giving backwards compatibility that opens up hundereds of games for free. So technically MS had more games. To me BC isn't a must have thing but to alot of people it is. I can't even count how many threads on the MS forums have been about BC. It may even help with sales.

Shenmue and FF7 remake is big to me and am happy about it for sure. But at the end of the day it's all opinion.

ninsigma1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

I really didn't think the halo SP showing as very impressive at all. It's very cod like with its squad like gameplay. For me, halo has been all about loneliness, and doing the impossible as you take on armies as just one spartan. I don't really like the feel of this squad stuff. I was hoping that it would only be half the game, where when you play as locke you have the squad then when you play as chief, you have the old style feeling but they said that both control a team. Ima get it either way, have it pre-ordered. I loved the beta and warzone looks awesome. Despite my feelings for halo 5 SP, I thought MS had a really great show. The new controller looks sweet and it's exactly what I need as I really think the controller that released with the console was very sub par. The backwards compatibility is perfect for me. I have plenty of posts around here wishing for a gears collection, despite knowing it would be the first game (which it was) but at least now I can get the remaster then lend the sequals off my friends. I also though gears 4 looked great so I'm excited for that. Not to mention the indies that were shown, they were some good looking games.
But, I have to give it to Sony. They blew me away. I couldn't believe they started off with the last guardian. It looked awesome, exactly as I expected it to. Nice to finally see it in action. Hoping that the AI for the creature is 100 times better than yorda in ICO, God I got so mad at her when I was trying to get the time trophy in the collection. The crazy thing about Sonys conference is that it actually got better after that! Horizon is an instant buy. It's a beutiful looking game with an incredible concept. It's gameplay looked superb, and I'm still shocked we actually got some gameplay. No mans sky is not a game for me but its showing was really cool. Can't forget about the megaton FF7 remake! Holy crap I am excited. Never has an announcement had me jaw drop, but I tell you, I'd have made a great fly catcher last night. And to top it off, the uncharted gameplay was awesome. Before the show started I wasn't even thinking of uncharted because I know what it's like, I trust naughty dog so I know it's going to be amazing and we'd already seen gameplay so it wasn't on my radar because it didn't need to be, but wow I was blown away. The world has become so much bigger, we now have driving sequences. The trusty banter is back and the adventure looks to be bigger than ever.

Both companies had a great showing, but it's Sony for me all the way. They really just brought it this year.

Edit: Forgot to mention fire watch. That is one to look out for!

callahan091128d ago

Nice summary Septic. I agre with what you're saying.

Horizon was my favorite new IP of the show by far, it looked so exciting fighting that giant robot dinosaur!

Gears 4 is getting a lot of flack from people over the segment of gameplay they showed, but for me that was just the right thing! I didn't like Gears 3 or Judgment, and I thought Gears 2 was good but a step down from Gears 1 (one of my favorite games of last gen), and Gears 4 looked right up my alley. I liked the more horror-ish vibe that it had. Very excited about that game.

Halo 5 on the other hand didn't do it for me at all. But I've never skipped a Halo game, so I'll surely pick it up anyway.

Uncharted 4... holy cow, there are no words for how awesome the stuff is that they just showed us!

Plus, all those surprises. Good lord.

The Last Guardian looks and plays like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus had a baby. So appropriate! It looks freaking genius.

ReCore should be great with the pedigree of those devs as well.

This is easily the best E3 ever. EVER!

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starrman19851128d ago

Tough one for me! For sheer out of the blue announcements it has to go to SONY, wow - FF7 and Shenmue 3..

However, for games that actually excite me for the near future, MS has to get it hands down! They were really pushing the 2015 boat which I liked.

FF7 and Shenmue 3 are both amazing reveals, but the latter has ETA of December 2017 and we don't know much else about FF7. We know it's a remake and not a remaster which could go either way really!

The Last Guardian really did look something special though!

DanteVFenris6661128d ago

But sonys already had order and bloodborne in 2015. What about before holidays they had nothing. Sony still has games at holidays as well. Than we look at 2016 Microsoft has nothing compared to sony

starrman19851128d ago

I am aware, Bloodborne was fantastic!

Sony doesn't really have a huge selection of first party exclusives dropping this holiday though, Microsoft were really locking down 2015. They have a few games for next year (Crackdown, Quantum Break, Gears) but as we have seen at this E3 next year is shaping up to massive for PS4!

MasterCornholio1128d ago

I liked Sonys better. But thats just because they showed more games that im interested in.


Remember this is just my opinion.

yarbie10001128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Last Guardian - Was at E3 8 yrs ago and still looked pretty similar as far as graphics imo.
Shenmue 3 - Was a Kickstarter asking you to fund the game
FFVII Remake - Not a Sony exclusive or they woulda said it

Horizon looked great. Was best of the show I thought cause it was the only new AAA game I saw that I hadn't seen before.

Uncharted Looked great.

Still no release date for No Man's Sky

Hand's down best exclusive line-up with release dates - Halo, Forza, etc.. Plus new IP's recore/ Sea of Thieves

Backwards compatibility

New Competitive controller

To me it wasn't even close

DeadManMMX1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

This is how I feel as well. That backwards compatibility is a huge bomb because we get to keep the digital only games licenses and retail games for another generation. For a lot of digital only games they weren't going to look any different on XB1 or PS4 so this is a huge thing for all of us who poured money into XBLA and digital sales. Especially me since I will now get to play the real Ultra Street Fighter IV using my Killer Instinct Mad Catz TE instead of the poorly ported one (Though I actually already purchased it on PS4 :(). The fact that Sony is willing to let your licenses die with the PS3 is really sad and I hope they find a way to fix this that isn't PS Now. Granted it will be harder with that proprietary cell engine tech.

Letthewookiewin1128d ago

Wow really all of Microsofts games coming out this holiday were announced 2 years ago. Don't twist the reality that MS just announced these games out of the blue.

ziggurcat1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )


"Shenmue 3 - Was a Kickstarter asking you to fund the game"

sony is now funding the game, so it's not just a kickstarter:

"Sony and PlayStation is definitely a partner in this game," Sony PlayStation's director of third party production and developer relations Gio Corsi. "It's going be run through third-party production. We're going to help YsNet get the game done. We're going to be partners on it the whole way."

LostDjinn1128d ago

The fact the usual xbox fanatics are claiming a draw shows just how badly MS were outclassed.

It's not that MS had a bad e3. It's just that Sony broke e3.
It is what it is. Now I'm ready for my e3 pc fix.

someOnecalled1128d ago

Wouldnt they announcements being on pc kill the hype of their announcement. It great and all but you would think that they were exclusives

LostDjinn1128d ago

@ some: Not pc announcements for what sony has shown. I mean pc game announcements in general. PC is meant to have an e3 presence this year. I want to see it.

Death1128d ago

Owning both but preferring Xbox I am not claiming a draw. Sony brought very little to the show relying on money hatted third party content and no release dates or even years. Shenmue is just starting development and won't be seen for years. Last Guardian has been in development since the beginning of last gen. FFVII isn't exclusive and also a ways away from release. I'm a little more interested in the near future than I am about a year or two away.

DeadManMMX1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )


You said it. Once all the hype dies down we have whats in front of us and what was announced last night is very very far away. In the end the spectacle of the announcements was all Sony needed to distract an entire fanbase. Xbox had little the first few months of 2015 and now Sony has little the last few months of 2015. Such is life.

LostDjinn1128d ago

@ Death: O_o
Are you serious? Sony brought very little to the show apart from 3rd party money hatted content? I'll give you a minute to check reality.

No games for a year or two This is seriously your argument?

My God death, I understand you probably suffered a fit of apoplexy during the Sony presentation but please. Trying to pass of BS as fact just shows your desperation when faced with the truth.

I think you need to turn of your pc/tab/phone and go outside for a while. You know, just till the pain subsides.

Death1128d ago


What pain are you referring to? The pain of waiting? If something truly good like Bloodborne comes out, guess what? I can buy it and even play it. By all means give us a time table for when we can play these megaton games.

Isn't this The Last Guardian from E3 2009? I'm glad that this time they actually mean it when they say the game is coming out, but I'm going to wait a little and see what actually happens before getting giddy with joy. Call me cautiously optimistic that it will happen.

I'm a big fan of FFVII and am looking forward to it's release. I enjoyed it their first time around and hope the update doesn't take too much away from the originals charm. Once again though, we have no date set or even release year. We also have no indication it's an exclusive. We only know it's coming to PS4 first. That's only a huge announcement for Sony if you choose to ignore the facts and assume it's something it's not.

Anyhow, if you want to call this a win I am happy for you. I own both a PS4 and Xbox One along with a gaming PC and WiiU. The only thing potentially painful for me is finding the time and money to pick up all the great games that are coming out. I've hedged my bets and get to play with any team that wins.

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-Foxtrot1128d ago

Have to agree. Microsofts was strong but for me it's all about being surprized aswell.

Last Guardian - Holy Shit Finally

Final Fantasy VII Remake - can't've got to be kidding...HOLY SHIT

Shenmue III - What...What....WHAT..... <faints>

Then you had the other games which were icing on the cake.

I know people are going to try and brush it off by saying something like

"Well the Final Fantasy VII Remake is not a PS4 exclusive" or "Shenmue III was a kickstater"

I don't give a shit, we've been asking for just ONE of those games to appear at E3 and we got all three at once. They are finally happening, the big reveals and shock are what E3 are about for me.

Sony did just that while Microsoft still had the usual Halo to open, Forza in the middle, Fable later and then Gears to finish.

kayoss1128d ago

The crazy part was that, this is only day one of Sony's conference. I'm still waiting to hear about God Of War 4 and others.

The 10th Rider1128d ago

Well, my 'brushing it off' is that those games seem to be a year to two and a half years away. Which is a bit of a disappointment. The conference still blew me away. But for that reason I hold Microsoft's conference pretty equal. Sony really showed off their long term plans, Microsoft seemed to emphasize their near future. They both came in with guns blazing. Hats off to both of them. Let's hope Nintendo can match 'em because this is already shaping up to be the best E3 in recent memory.

UltraNova1128d ago

And to think that God of War and Gran Turismo were not even mentioned is even more mind-bending...

Something tells me that PS Experience 2015 is going to be E3 big this year...

OB1Biker1128d ago

Comparing 2 shows for different preference doesn't make sense IMO but when you think about what people see as 'Megaton' announcement it's clear which was the more remarkable.

PizzaSteve1128d ago

Horizon, FF7, TLG, and more Uncharted 4 gameplay was great by Sony. The Hololens and Tomb Raider gameplay was great by MS. Sony won for me because they showed more games that's of my taste. So we all win becasue both console have great games coming. Great job Sony and MS.

Rookie_Monster1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Shenmue is not even real at this point and is in Kickstart ststus. FF7 remake is timed exclusive and the last a guardian is a given and it looks pretty much the same from E3 years ago. Horizon looks cool and Uncharted looks good but not anything we didn't know about already. The fact that Sony didn't announce or surprise us with a single AAA game this Fall is a major bummer. Points need to be deducted as even last year they had LBP3 announcing for a Fall release.

And nothing is as megaton as the BC bomb from MS. If you look at the front page of N4G, that is still the hottest and most reply news at E3. MS and XB1 definitely won with that and they have more overall exclusive announcements and show games that we can actually play this year and also a few new unnnaounced surprise games for the following year.

JoGam1128d ago Show
MonsterChef1128d ago

So being able to play old games is what has you excited about the future? I've been in this game long enough to know that you'll never fully utilize bc , you just won't... Why would anyone, the second your Xbox starts getting better and better current gen games you'll ask yourself why you're playing muddy old gen games. Been gaming since the nes , played the genesis, the super Nes, n64, ps1, ps2, Xbox, 360, ps3, and the ps4 and I've only used bc on the original ps3 to play dbz budakai3

jkendrick1127d ago

^^^oh please with the BC, it will have no effect on sales. Once people move to next gen they rarely go back to the previous gen. You dude bros are funny. I loved Shenmue and my all time favorite FF7. The point is we know its coming when the thought was it wasn't, we thought Vapor ware.

As far as games. Sony has been releasing games all year, and M$ has not but for you its okay? As long as you get it in November and December I guess. The funny thing is Phil was supposed to have blown our socks off with all the hype around new first party games. But you just get the old 3. GHF

The best part is now Sony is making deals with 3rd parties you MS employees, I mean gamers have an issue when thats all Microsoft does. Although I hate this activity in gaming, M$ have been doing this since they started. So please stop being Sallys.

Im going with Sony, because of the announcements and horizon in my opinion destroys everything Microsoft showed.

The 10th Rider1128d ago

I really couldn't say hands down. They definitely brought the shock factor and dropped some huge megatons. The issues I had was that the Last Guardian didn't come in with guns blazing, basically the same as last time we saw it (Though, the visuals look even better than before, which is saying a lot,) Final Fantasy 7 we don't know the exclusivity, and Shenmue is targeting the end of 2017, which is a ways away.

Microsoft's, on the other hand, showed what they've got coming in the near future, for the most part. Nothing really mind blowing to me, but still solid.

All in all Sony's conference made my jaw drop, but Microsoft's made the XBOX 1 the more appealing console to me for the near future. I couldn't really pick a winner, they both brought different things to the table. Win/win for gamers!

That being said: Horizon. WOW. That's probably my game of E3 right now. It looks so cool!

RomanPSX1128d ago

Xbox killed it. Sony was ok. The new elite controller, halo, gears, fallout mods, I was going to get it for pc cause of the mods. My ps4 its going to eat lots of dust thie holidays. Not renewing ps plus on August.

LonDonE1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Guys PS4 can play media files mkv,mp4 etc now? There is a media player app and its awesome!! have i been asleep? I didnt see no one talk about this!! finally ps4 gets proper usb media support!
And mkv playback too, never though sony would allow it

On topic Everyone wins since its a great time to be a gamer! But for this year backwards 360 compatibility is HUGE and a great motivater for 360 gamers to jump over to x1, couple that with a new halo, a new forza, and tomb raider and gears this year is xbox.

While i love my ps4 yet again this fall is no comparison, x1 is hitting back with its big guns.


Sony: Horizon, Uncharted 4 and No Mans sky was about it for me, I hate turn based games, so don't care about FFVII, ICO and SoC were good games to me but nothing "Amazing" so I really don't understand the hype behind TLG? Shenmue 3 was a big announcement but pretty much fans had to pay for it to be done via kickstarter... kind of lame

MS: Backwards compatibility was probably the biggest announcement for me! Gears of War 4, Forza 6, 32 player Halo and Tomb Raider gameplay.

TheXgamerLive1128d ago

Hahahaha Sony? Not even close to MS but still good. You guys are funny.

Xbox One hand down and the Backwards Comparability was a killer move:)

Sunny_D1128d ago

Yay, have fun playing old games. Mass effect looked like shit at the conference. Just being honest.

PONTIAC08G8GT1128d ago

The only PS game I'd be interested in from Sony would be Uncharted and FF.

At the same time, the X1 has more I was interested in. Gears 4, Halo 5, Forza 6, Rare Collection, backwards compatibility. And supposedly Crackdown is supposed to get shown off (not sure).

Everyone has a personal preference what types of games they like. I more of a first/third person action shooter, racing games, and classics.

xDHAV0K24x1128d ago

plz stop pretending FF7 is exclusive smh