Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are coming to PS4

PS Blog EU: "Hi everyone. We’re really excited to finally reveal that two classic Quantic Dream games are coming to PlayStation 4 only for Europe and the PAL region – we’re bringing both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls to a PS4 near you soon. Both titles will be available as individual digital releases, with a two-game bundle also available both digitally and physically."

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Bennibop1104d ago

Will check that out depending on price, enjoyed heavy rain but never got to finish it and never tried beyond.

Khajiit861104d ago

Huge heavy Rain fan, Loved both personally. The ending in Beyond (twist) is one of the best in gaming.

xHeavYx1104d ago

I loved Heavy Rain, never got to pasty Beyond though, can't wait.

Conzul1104d ago

Heavy Rain had challenging combat. Beyond had more predictable, satisfying combat, but suffered from being too easy and having only two difficulty levels. The storytelling was good though. 8/10 for me, woulda been 9/10 if it wasn't so easy.

JoGam1104d ago

Well now I get to play it too.

Nineball21121104d ago

I've played both already so I'll pass on these. They were both fun games, but I don't feel the need to replay them.

Blaze9291104d ago

Heavy Rain is amazing. Definitely finish. Beyond: Two Souls - not so much. Maybe it was the main character but the story was so uninteresting.

solid_snake36561104d ago

never had the chance to play beyond. So I'm pumped

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1104d ago

I'd play Heavy rain... Beyond was interesting but not enough for a second playthrough.

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DarkOcelet1104d ago

I hope they make KARA for the PS4.

I cant wait to see what they have to show.

WickedLester1104d ago

I will soil my pants if Quantic Dream announces "Project Kara" as their next title!!

SaveFerris1104d ago

This is good for PS4 owners who never played either of those games.

freshslicepizza1104d ago

of course. these were big investments by sony and now they can try and get more revenue out of them. kind of a shame they haven't shown much of anything on what david cage and his team are working on for the ps4. i guess sony figures all these re-releases will fill the gaps for them.

Spotie1104d ago Show
SilentNegotiator1104d ago

Wow, you really are spreading salt on to absolutely every PS4 e3 article, aren't you?

Khajiit861104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

I did play both, am def. getting this.


So why did you click? Just to put in a negative comment? sheesh, go take a happy pill or something. Sony do something to you?

freshslicepizza1104d ago

where did i say i wasn't happy? i am actually a supporter for remakes and remasters if you look at my comment history. speaking of comment histories,

"But MS BC allows only like 20 games lol"

you're one of those guys, nevermind.

kenshiro1001104d ago

moldy, your comment was negative. Stop sugarcoating it.

MasterCornholio1104d ago

Depends on the price but I may pick up the bundle.

I heard some very good things about Heavy Rain.

SniperControl1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

I loved Heavy Rain, great game, wasn't a fan of Beyond, but still enjoyed it, waiting for QD's next project though.

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