Attack on Girlfriend Proves Fatal to Boyfriend's Wii Privileges

In the words of the assailant:

"Unfortunately, my courage was far greater then my skill. Having taken a good kicking, Liz then tried to intervene with disastrous results. She approached me from the side, appearing from my blind spot, whilst I was performing a slashing movement. I hit her with full force right in her eye!"

Check out the picture! OMG that had to be a powerful Slash!!!

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marcusfenix4363d ago

He must have been really wasted!

Krimson4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

The Wii is the new "I fell down the stairs" excuse.

eepiccolo4363d ago

That is one odd story. For the girlfriend to try and jump in like that, she must have been drunk herself. Either that, or it really is a replacement for the "fell down the stairs" excuse.

calderra4363d ago

She accidentally walked in on me while I was playing Wii sports.

...every day for the last month.

Marriot VP4363d ago

hahaha, brilliant.

Who's up for a game a Jarts.

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The story is too old to be commented.