Scarred for Life: Eye-Gougingly Bad Video Game Tattoos

What better subject to permanently stencil on your body than some 8-bit game you loved as a child and will never have trouble explaining in your professional, adult life? The folks over at GotGame can't think of any, especially if you get a really terrible, asymmetrical tattoo that's ugly even by 5 year-old, can't-color-within-the-lines standards. On the bright side, at least some people will get a good laugh out of it (nevermind the fact that they're laughing at you).

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OriginalWangster3795d ago

soooooo bad lol. I don't understand how people can do that to their bodies.

anakedpanda3795d ago

Why there of all places... Well I guess if you're going to do it, loud and proud, baby, loud and proud

lurv3795d ago


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