Microsoft Research thinks telescopic pixels will rival LCDs

Darren Murph writes:

"The boys and girls at Microsoft Research are getting set to publish a report detailing a competing (and in their perspective, superior) technology to replace the LCD monitors we've grown to know and love heart with reservations."

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fafoon3771d ago

That the 360 was a Next Gen Console
Another FAIL for Microsuck

bullet3771d ago

Well they must be doing something right with the 360, I mean it could be worse they could be in last place like sony.

The only thing p0s3 has going for it is Mental Queer Buns of the Patriot...

kdawg53770d ago

Judging by the quality put into Windows for PC and the Xbox 360, I don't know if i could trust buying a Microsoft television set. I am not a fanboy by any means. I actually still use windows even though it is probably the worst OS for a computer these days (Linux being the best). And my first next-gen console was the 360, but after only a year i went through 2 of them so i traded it in for a PS3 and havent had 1 problem since launch.

I own a Sony LCD Grand Vega television that I have had for years and it is honestly amazing. I think Sony puts so much quality into their work that it is unmatched, except in some cases where Samsung is comparable.

But Microsoft? prove to me one piece of software or hardware you made hasn't had twice the amount of problems as its competitors and maybe i'll give your company a second though.

Sony FTW as of right now.