Zune Guy fed up with Zune, seeks to cover up tattoos

Say it ain't so! America's most loyal advocate for Microsoft's Zune is apparently throwing in the towel.

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Poor Xbots3800d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, and tell me, why do you keeping supporting M$ with all of its negative media?

Poor Xbots

3799d ago
Guitarded3799d ago

It is because Microsoft keeps delivering the games that we want in such quantities as to drain our wallets dry. Which also answers your question. How convenient.

Microsoft_Spokesman3799d ago

Why bring racism to the table you whore?

3799d ago
Microsoft_Spokesman3799d ago

Mods, f*ck you, seriously! Why the f*ck are his comments not getting erased?

snoop_dizzle3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Report it so they can find it. This is a massive site and reports help them find it. I don't have mainsite powers right now(only the forums)so i cant do anything about it except report it.

Also if you feel the need and have good reason PM a mod about it.

Your comment as well is pretty offensive btw

morganfell3799d ago

Well well, look here. They banned Fart in your mouth's normal account and it made itself a new one.

Microsoft_Spokesman3799d ago

I did report him, but nothing has happend! I swore at the mods because 10 hours later, they still didn't do anything.

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Drekken3800d ago

This guy is fed up with something... not sure its a Zune.

JasonXE3800d ago

ooooooohhh noooooeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz!!!!!

Wonder what his next tattoo will be?!?

KingME3800d ago

From the looks of it, it'll be a picture of a PORK

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The story is too old to be commented.