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nicksetzer1947d ago

HOLY CRAPP!! Guerilla should have quit killzone years ago if this is what they are capable of. Simply amazing.

AngelicIceDiamond947d ago

This game is so Sexy I wanna cry.

Kingthrash360947d ago

Still picking up jaw. Sony killed it within 9 minutes of its conference.
Ms had a great show....and it was destroyed by the first two games....mainly because these are NEW GAMES and have actual game play. Just awsome stuff so far.....also dream is ...what' loving this.

Outside_ofthe_Box947d ago

Can't help but laugh at those that said that GG was all graphics no gameplay.

I've been saying it from the jump that the reason their last two games weren't up to snuff was because they were too worried about appealing to a wide audience while still trying to still appeal to their core fans.

With Horizon they don't have to worry about that nonsense and can instead just make the game that they themselves truly want to make.
The gameplay above is the result.

Ezz2013946d ago

What an amazing game
The graphics,the gameplay,the music every thing is top notch

the story seems really deep too

johndoe11211946d ago

Horizon just became one of my most anticipated games EVER. I can't believe what I saw.

Forn946d ago

The U4 gameplay looked amazing, Dreams seems uber sweet and unique along with The Last Guardian, FFVII Remake (What?!), but Horizon... Amazing... Breathtaking... Could have very well stolen the entire day from any other game I saw... Stunning...

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TheRedButterfly946d ago

This is easily the high-light of Sony's show (IMO). Everything about this video was right up my alley! That being said, I'm curious what the narrative of the game will be. The "lore" is solid, and the character/environment designs are stellar, so now all we need is a good story.

Genuine-User947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

They have obliterated my expectations. This game looks fudging incredible!!!

The 10th Rider947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Honestly, this beat out the Last Guardian for me. This is one of the few new IP's of this gen that genuinely that has me so intrigued.

DazaMc946d ago

That was in game graphics! watch the video again. You can see trees popping in, in the distance, near the start.

Bathyj947d ago

I was thinking, yeah, nice trailer, looks great, then it just became gameplay all of a sudden and I realised I had my mouth open.

one2thr946d ago

Same thing that happened to me, I was not expecting actual game play.

medman946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Yes Bathyj, it left me stunned. It's been a long time since a gameplay reveal has left me feeling that excited. Open world stealth robot dino hunting, in a gorgeous, nature reclaimed environment? OMG, Guerilla has destroyed other games for me.

outsider1624946d ago

Exactly man, i was like trailer..looks interesting...and then wham...gameplay....wht the feck!!!!!

RocketScienceLvlStuf947d ago

Looks absolutely stunning. I was shocked when it seemlessly switched to gameplay.

JoGam947d ago

Killzone paved the way for Horizon.

joab777946d ago

This is absurd. And I hate the fact that the Helga st are my favorite antagonists in any medium, and I always felt they never got the game they deserved. I loved K2, but the next 2 were too run of the mill. This is anything but that, like they took their gloves off. Or the tech finally caught up w their imaginations.

ravens52946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

This game is going to be a master piece and such a refreshing New ip! Sonys whole conference was just wonderful. EXCEPT! EXCEPT! No vita mention smh why oh why. Other than that everything was amazing including and especially the announcement of ff7 remake!!!! Nice e3 round of applause to both companies.

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marlinfan10947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Wow this one looked pretty awesome. graphics are great too even on a crap stream

Der_Kommandant947d ago

Can we stop the E3 and get back to Horizon though.

Majin-vegeta947d ago

Damn 2 games in and Sony is killing it.I want co op Dino hunting.