Entellium puts a video game spin on CRM with a desktop RIA

ZDNet Writes: "Yesterday I sat down and talked with Entellium, an on-demand CRM company that has recently gone away from a purley browser-based model and moved into a desktop smart client application. In doing so they saw a big increase in conversion numbers and the customers have responded well to having the application on their desktop instead of inside of a browser. So it's a great desktop RIA story, but I chatted with them about the new version of their desktop application, called Rave, which uses Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation for the user interface. It's a sexy application and it shows that regardless of what you're doing, a great user experience can make a big difference.

What I thought was very interesting about the company is the way they went about deciding on a UI. They wanted to capture as much of the video game experience as they could. They wanted their users to be able to just "pick up and play", something that's important for video games for obvious reasons. They also wanted to make it fun and engaging just like video games and make it really easy for users to accomplish tasks and control how the UI was laid out. So wanting to capture that video game feel was something that had to be done with really great, expressive RIA technologies."

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