Open Letter To The Offended by Fat Princess

You may have heard by now that Fat Princes has rocked the gaming world by daring to put a fat person into a game. Not just into the game mind you, but as a target that people want to chase. This has apparently made some people mad. Feminists have denounced the game as offensive and "Fat hating". Here's what I don't get, the target is to save the "fat person" and to keep them fed. I could understand if it was setup like smear the queer and you're objective was to maim the fatty in any way possible.

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NewSchoolGamer3768d ago

this game is so awesome. I don't even know why the devs even care about the opinion of fat chicks.

Panthers3768d ago

I hope the devs respond to this the way Insomniac responded to the church thing with Resistance.

Basically, put more fat chicks in lol.

incogneato3768d ago

Hell yea, I hope they respond like Insomniac did too. Capcom though, they are a bunch of wimps. Now everyone in RE5 is white when before everyone was black (as it should be in an African town like that).

If the developers change this game in any way I will be pissed. Don't give in to the liberal cry babies!

solidt123768d ago

I don't knock Capcom for puting white people in RE5 since South Africa does have a large population of white people, but dam they did over do it. I was watching E3 on G4TV was like dam are they back in Europe again.

Panthers3768d ago

Exactly. Plus, I dont think they are in southern Africa, but I could be wrong.

SaiyanFury3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I have one word to respond. "Awesome". These liberal minded people are too damned sensitive to make any sense anyways. Any little thing sets off the liberal alarm and I for one, have stopped listening.

Armyless3768d ago

Bubbles down the list for the lot of you!

JsonHenry3767d ago

I feel sorry for someone so thinned skinned that they are (genuinely)offended by the title or substance of this game.

If you don't like being fat, then don't eat so damn much! Leave the rest of us alone!

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CViper3768d ago

I wonder of the He-Male-Man-Alliance would care if it was a FAT PRINCE title?

Its pathetic that out of all the objectifying of women in the game industry (shake your controller to move boobs anyone?), that THIS CARTOON depiction of a fat woman is what takes the cake. Not the scantily clad women in oh I dunno... ALL games?

Balance3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

don't like it, don't get it that is will show the company that you do not want to spend money on products like that.
i personally wouldn't have a problem with fat prince and i doubt many other people would either. everyone needs to stop taking themselves so seriously and getting in everyone else's business about it. if i want to spend money on things that objectify women that is my business, the people who make the product i am buying that is there business and as long as they make money from me and i am happy with giving them money that is our business and no one elses.

and in case you missed it 85% of the people who buy these products are men who don't mind a little boob shaking, take out the wii and the majority of game companies potential customer base is male.

cliffbo3768d ago

that is the sad thing about this... no, they wouldn't care and it wouldn't even be on their radar. all that feminist has done is exposed her insecurities and the fact that hatred of men has helped ease the pain of not being loved. she should realize that in order to be loved you have to love yourself so it's clear self-loathing and not this game lies at the heart of her problems. perhaps if she stopped hating so much some man might love her

Overr8ed3768d ago

that would make a lot of people happy, If Gabe was the Princess nobody would even bother rescuing IT. :D

TheColbertinator3768d ago

I was the guy that said

"For the love of God,someone get that guy Wii Fit"

Thanks n4g

As for Gabe,he's fat,simple as that

As for feminists,???

Pain3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Fembots!!!Oh Nose!!!!

I dont care what any Sex or fatty sayz , this Hate for this game is funny.

lose some pounds fell better about your self get over it.

and that pic of the lil guy handing her a cake is funny.

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Sangria3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Do you think feminists watch every game if there are jokes about fats?
- OMG look! This one, this one! He sh*ts in his pants!
- Yeah but he's not fat.
- Oh.... And him! Here it is! A fat man with rollers, he's fat! OMG OMG!

Honestly, if it was a game where we have to kill fats because they are fats, ok, but it's only a cute game with a cute fat princess,
it does not encourage discrimination against fats.
We shouldn't take it that serious, remember the fat Nathan Drake or the comedian in GTA talking about fat people, or the hidden level in Tenchu 3 full of fat cops (and once they die they say "Donut! Donut! *yum* Heaven..."), etc...

Note: i am myself a fat person, i didn't took Fat Princess as an insult for fats. Or maybe because i am a man? Fat women are maybe more complexed about their weight, but even if obesity is considered as a sickness, it's still because of us if we are fat. Fat feminists should assume their weight and make a diet.

cliffbo3768d ago

i met this woman once: i looked her up and down and turned to leave.

she said: 'You're fatist!'
i said: 'no, you're fatist'

SaiyanFury3768d ago

I didn't think anyone else remembered the future bonus level. Bubble for you, good sir!

iHEARTboobs3768d ago

haha, i agree with both of you above. Did anyone catch that BBW (Big Boned Women) ad on the bottom right of the page? haha

Overr8ed3768d ago

nah i didnt catch that, but am tried of seeing this Fattys face.