Microsoft: We Keep Selling The Hard-Drive-Free Arcade Xbox 360 Because 'Consumers Like Choice'

Stephen Totilo writes:

"Microsoft didn't exactly drop the price of the Xbox 360 the weekend before E3. They merely lowered the price on the discontinued 20GB Pro version to $299 in order to make room at $349 for a new 60GB Pro model.

Why do that?

And why not use this opportunity to kill off the hard-drive-free Arcade version of the machine?

Don Mattrick, head of Xbox at Microsoft, broke it down for me at E3..."

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BigBoy20003797d ago

And also because we love to prey off of ignorant consumers to make all the green we can!!!

NO_PUDding3797d ago

I find it ironic that through that, in the future they will actually be constraining choice, when it comes to games that require installs.

It's going to happen.

Monchichi0253797d ago

No it's not, and you know it!

MS would never allow this as this would not be financially benifital to them or developers.

But like MS said, it's all about "choice" for them. But I wouldn't expect you to understand what that means since you have been forcefeed everything since the beginning. "Open up wide!"

cliffbo3797d ago

absolutely right fella... 'why can't i download the GTA add ons?' 'you can son, just work harder at the weekends and save $75 for 20GB' 'but the PS3 has 80GB standard soon!' 'look, you made the choice'

Hagaf223797d ago

sony -"we only make consoles with hard drives, because we know what it takes to have a console last ten years- the ability to predict tomorrows needs"

incogneato3797d ago

Exactly. By "choice" they mean we like to tout a cheap Xbox 360 SKU but you'll have to spend way more for the HDD alone than you would've just buying the better SKU. Not to mention that all this obsolete hardware use is limiting games big time.

NO_PUDding3797d ago

Christ monochichi, calm down.

360 will have required installations, otherwise it's pretty much out the race.

What I said wasn't fact, but for Microsoft to miss out on games, becuase they won't have mandatory installs is ridiculous. By the way, benefital isn't a word. It's beneficial.

ReBurn3797d ago

So did Sony also screw over 20gb PS3 owners by selling a version of the console that didn't have all of the same hardware as the 60gb? Or are 40gb owners screwed over because they can't play PS2 games? Of course not. If anyone buys a 40gb PS3 with the intention of playing PS2 games they're just poorly informed.

There's not a single person that I've ever heard of being forced to buy or tricked into buying the Arcade version of the 360. If someone gets screwed it's because they screwed themselves, not because they were tricked. Suppose you already have a 120gb drive and you break your 360? Would you rather pay $349 for a new one or $279 for a bare bones console that you could add your hard drive to? Some people would go for the lower cost option because that's all they need.

Having more choice is never a bad thing.

NO_PUDding3797d ago

I never said they were tricked.

But to be honest they are screwed.

Backwards compatibility is nice for a games console, but it's not required. Since games consoles should rely on thier own games.

20gb is a small harddrive, but it's still a harddrive. You can do the rearranging on it.

The difference is the arcade requires you to buy somethign seperately, and when installs become mandatory, I would say a good 30% of the 360 install base will be screwed over.

gaffyh3797d ago

@monchichi - Let's put it this way, if Square Enix say to MS that they NEED to have a mandatory install for FFXIII, MS is not going to say no. They would be stupid to do that, cos Square Enix would just say OK we're only making the game for PS3 now.

^Eventually that will happen, if not for FFXIII than some other future game.

ReBurn3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I still don't see how people are screwed. How many games are currently available for the 360 that require a hard drive install? How many upcoming games are confirmed to require one? There is no confirmation that there will be games that require them. And if there are games released that require them then people still have a choice. They can choose to buy a hard drive or they can choose a different game.

Think about it. There are several games that require HDD installs on the PS3 and the same games do not require them on the 360. What exactly is it that is going to force installs on the 360?

Bubble Buddy3797d ago

Us consumers also like not to get ripped-off.

JsonHenry3797d ago

I want to shoot the person at Microsoft that said it was okay to ship one without a HDD in the first place.

matchgrade3796d ago

How in the hell would you download that $50mil GTA4 DLC without a hard drive?

Seriously, I dunno. I don't have a 360.
Do Core owners use memory cards for game saves?

Seems like a step back, seeing as how my original Xbox had a huge hard drive that isn't even close to filling up.

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Poor Xbots3797d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, yeah, they force you to buy an overpriced hard drive. Poor Xbots, your gonna watch games going to need installation for games on your fixme dvd player like SC4.

Poor Xbots

green3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Which consumers are they referring to?Why don't they just add the 20gig to the arcade sku, sell it for £159, Pro with the 60 gig for £199 and the elite for £250 at the existing prices.

Is that not given the consumers a choice?They way some of these big co-operations think is really baffling?

Omega43797d ago

They may as well keep the arcade as it is because adding a HDD will only add an extra cost to them and its not like adding the harddrive will allow for mantotory installs because there will always be Core users out there

Cartesian3D3797d ago

Are you a MS employee? you always support MS even when they are wrong..

do you have a choice for changing your HDD to a bigger one(any size you want)with reasonable price? answer: NO

but you must pay extra to MS .. there is only 120GB HDD at same price as 500GB one.. is it the choice you want ? Answer : "Yes,I am a Blind fanboy"

Halochampian3797d ago

same can be said for you about Sony. =/

I actually bought a arcade because I already had a hard drive and just needed the core system.

SCThor3797d ago

LET ME GUESS!!...mmmm....MMMMMM...mmm mm because your previous console RR0D'ed?

So, MS gave you the choice of buying another console or keep the first one broke for good...nice.

Halochampian3797d ago

yea.. it RROD but it was my own fault so I cant really blame them. That is why I bought another one.

Cartesian3D3797d ago

but I saw his comments in every PS3 topic bashing sony's games..

did you see me bashing MS games ? did u see my comments about Fable2 and NG2 (my fav 360 games) ?

NO_PUDding3797d ago

When you try to scapegoat the RROD to yourself, rather than the company that made the mistakes, it's a sad day.

It wasn't your own fault your 360 got the RROD, you know very well.

Halochampian3797d ago

well.. bashing is a different story. lol

all you said was him supporting xbox.. which there is nothing wrong with that.

but bashing... that is a different story.

Sheddi3797d ago

Was that before or after u got RROD?
(an honest question, nothing fanboyish with it)

Halochampian3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

i accidentally messed up the inside so that it wasn't making contact to get power. So I opened it up and fix it.

cl63AMG3797d ago

no, its because they're still fighting the ps2

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Fan Tastic3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Most casual gamers don't understand that the Arcade unit doesn't even play every game until they buy that game that will not work or feature that doesn't function. Then $$$$ for M$.

Monchichi0253797d ago

Please name me ONE MS game that won't play on the arcade??.....Can't think of one?? Maybe cuz THEY ALL CAN BE PLAYED ON THE ARCADE!!

Fan Tastic3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Two more for the list, there are others as well:

Final Fantasy XI
Football Manager 2006

I believe you love M$ for charging $100 for a 20GB HDD as well. So many loyal sheep (viral marketers) on these boards for whatever reason.

Halochampian3797d ago

why wouldn't you blame the people the buy the product without looking into it?

I bought the arcade because it would have suited me best. so it did benefit me.

People dont have to get the arcade and then pay for a hard drive. But if they do... they are the only ones that can be blamed.

NO_PUDding3797d ago


I am not one to back Monochichi up, because he is clearly whining, but it's ironic you call him an ignoramus, when you can't even spell it.

Damn the irony certainly isn't passing lightly today. Two examples in one article.

Fan Tastic3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

That has never happened before :0

Seriously, he was shouting at me and it hurt me so I typed quickly and goofed :(

Halochampian, good points. M$ is displeased with you at the thought of telling consumers to research first, you are hurting their bottom line.

ReBurn3797d ago

You can still play Burnout Paradise, though. Not being able to play online is not the same as not being able to play at all.

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