TVG: Midnight Club: Los Angeles - Hands On

TVG writes: "As the second biggest franchise in the Rockstar treasure chest (behind GTA of course), the Midnight Club series has shifted an impressive 13 million units since the original title was released at the tail end of 2000. Since then, Rockstar has released two sequels (in 2003 and 2005), each of which has built considerably on its predecessors. Midnight Club II put cops on your tail, insane jumps and shortcuts across the cities of Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles, as well as some colourful characters to race along the way. Following on from this, Midnight Club III stayed within the US (in Detroit, San Diego, and Atlanta) and provided some much desired custom modding with the help of its DUB license."

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ape0073799d ago


am afraid of rage cause it ruins the gta gameplay

I hope that doesn't happen to mc:los angles