Gaming Age Preview: NBA 09 The Inside

Jim Cordeira reports:

''From the studio that brought MLB 08: The Show, SCEA San Diego brings fans a basketball game full of deep customization, feature sets, and true-to-life gameplay with NBA 09 The Inside. The NBA franchise on PS3 introduced a truly next-generation basketball experience, delivering smooth, ultra-realistic hoops action that utilizes 1080p HD at 60 frames per second to produce unsurpassed visuals. SCEA San Diego Studios entered this season not only furthering the franchise's graphical capabilities, but also including a number of new features along with enhanced gameplay functionality.''

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drdre743744d ago

still going to be crap. Why do they make these? Everybody knows 2K9 is the winner then live 09 and then this is dead last. Live 09 looks great this year so its going to be tough between live and 2k. But i've gotten 2k since the first one on the dreamcast so i'm sticking with what i know and love.