Q&A: Nihilistic's Huebner, Cooke Talk PS3, X360 Dev Ease

In another of Gamasutra's year-end Q&As, we talk to Rob Huebner and Mark Cooke of Nihilistic Software (Vampire: The Masquerade) about the relative ease of use for developing for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with the duo favoring Microsoft's tools, but suggesting that "over time the differences [in ease of development] will even out".

Huebner, who is President of the former Starcraft: Ghost developer and has worked on titles including Descent, Starcraft and Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 was joined for this chat by Mark Cooke (Jedi Knight, Grim Fandango), who is lead gameplay programmer at the company.

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Scrumptious4388d ago

Proven superior once again!

The PS3 will catch up in a few years, but it will be too late for then, especailly with a 360 price drop and superior hardware, games, multimedia, online...ect.

Denocao4388d ago

You are wrong. PS3 will "catch up" earlier than that! In no time you will realize 360 will start looking like last gen.

power of Green 4388d ago

Yah! all the Dev's and the techies are wrong! only if they were as smart as you.

Tut4388d ago

Fictional Facts? That's a good term. I love oxymorons.

power of Green 4388d ago

Saying things that are not true and passing it off as truth, is that better. Idiot.

Tut4388d ago

Hahahaha. Lighten up, man. Everything doesn't have to be serious black or white all of the time. I was joking with you, but thank you for the clarification.

Smile once in a while, it's too frigid in here as is.

power of Green 4388d ago

I'm glade you looked up fiction in the Dictionary. Coolness.

Tut4388d ago

Oh the bitterness and pessimism is palpable with you all of the time.

Smile once in a while. =)

dantesparda4387d ago

Tut, cuz he's and a-hole. Big fanboy too.

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PS3n3604388d ago

I wouldnt want to have to wait another three years for PS3 to catch up, thats ridiculous. I did finally have a chance to play motorstorm and it was graphically terrible. I thought I was warming up with the gameplay footage I saw but when you play it and all the sage bushes on the ground look like transparent GIFs from the net 8 years ago and the textures on the rocks at certain points werent lining up...oh boy! I was shocked how crappy it looked. The physics are good though I will say that the cars had a nice bounce to them as they motored along the uneven ground. The futureshop rep said "its only running at 720i though Ha! 720i? no such thing

Denocao4388d ago

It's only a demo. The finished product will be a lot better.

power of Green 4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

You mean alot better like all the other PS3 games(look and play like early PS2 games)games and the console itself?( not 3x as powerful but weaker).
It will still look like an PS2 game with some XBOX1 effects

Denocao4388d ago

That itself makes motorstorm a lot more enjoyable to play than most most 360's race games without the wheel. Do you have that on 360? I don't think so! My subwoofer substitutes the vibration feature of the 360. I am starting to agree that vibration is last gen. Talking about sound... Resistence is THX cerified! Sounds beautifully! My opnion is that ps3 has nothing to catch up and you can't argue with my opnion. Whatever comes that's better for the ps3, and we all know it will happen, will be bonus!

dantesparda4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

Hey power of queens, you telling me that most 360 games at launch didnt look just a little bit better than last gens graphics?, give it a rest you fanatic fanboy.

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power of Green 4388d ago

I never thought of that, gee im going to open one of my PS3's and keep it Just for MotoStorm, I got to try the subwoofer thing, yah! rumbles so last-gen feeling whats going on in games is so lame. J/K what ever floats your boat.

Dusk4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

I haven't yet heard someone rationalize Sony's lawsuit loss and lack of money to pony up for a rumble feature with, "My subwoofer substitutes the vibration feature of the 360." Calling vibration "last gen" is also a very poor excuse for Sony not being able to afford rumble. You act as if it was Sony's intention to not include rumble all along. It's amazing to me that Sony loses a lawsuit, won't pony up like MS and Nintendo and the fanboys are so blinded that they claim that it's actually a good thing. Amazing.

AuburnTiger4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

it's funny how people keep beating that dead horse.

I wouldn't call the loss of rumble good, but it's not detrimental or anything. I've been playing FPS's on the PC for years and the fact of not having rumble in my mouse hasn't crossed my mind at all, however I wonder if that would work...

Denocao4388d ago

Indeed. But Logitech and other 3rd parties didn't. I think that vibration will be available for ps3. Logitech is my bet. I don't miss vibration and won't buy a controler with the feature + I like the lightweight.

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