E3 2015 May Be The Most Cynical Yet

EGMR writes: "E3 2015 is officially kicking off, with Bethesda having taken the initiative to carry out their first ever conference well before anyone else. While excitement and hype levels are always ridiculously high come this time of year, and we all succumb to being children drooling over new prospects, there has been change in the air and the events leading up to this E3 do indicate that we perhaps may be looking at a more cynical and closely scrutinized event than we've had in years. Make no mistake, we're going to see some of the biggest and most exciting games in ages - the real launch to this new generation - and yet still, we may also see the most cynical side of gamers yet. And you know, it may not actually be a bad thing, even if it will inevitably lead to divide among the gamer camp, as well as more than a few accusations that some people are just impossible to please."

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