Loot Ninja Review: N+ (PSP)

N+, one of Loot Ninja's favorite Xbox Live Arcade games to date, has made the jump to handhelds. You get a cross of rag doll physics, puzzles, ninjas, and Pitfall, which is a winning combination. N is now a freeware PC game that is much like its successor, N+. You must navigate through rooms of obstacles, land mines, killer robots, and whatever else is blocking your path. The game is simple in its goals. Unlock the door by reaching a colored block, then safely get to the door to move on. Seems easy, right? N+ will give you a challenge that many gamers will welcome.

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taz80803798d ago

Looking forward to this one. I never picked it up on the XBLA but might need to on the PSP

drunkpandas3798d ago

I put in a ton of time with the XBLA title. It's nice to see all new levels here so you aren't just doing the same puzzles over and over

taz80803798d ago

Why was there such a delay in getting it ot the PSP?

drunkpandas3798d ago

Not really sure. It's coming out to the PSP and DS at the same time. I guess they had to work all all the online stuff and sharing of levels

taz80803798d ago

New levels is good, I would be a bit upset if it was just a direct port wiht nothing added, especially because I would have to pay more

drunkpandas3798d ago

Yeah, I agree. There are actually completely different level for the PSP and DS versions, so if you're that much of a fan, you can pick up both games and not repeat any levels.

lunaticpanda1013798d ago

this website sucks donkeys ass

iNcRiMiNaTi3798d ago

bought it on xbla and played multiplayer games alot. i havent played it recently tho and i hated the fact that i was able to create levels but couldnt upload them