LittleBigPlanet shows his boxart

The American boxart of LittleBigPlanet


The first one that was on the site was appearantly a fake, though they deleted the old version and just uploaded a new version and this is the real one (confirmed by Sony).

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NewSchoolGamer3798d ago

Now when I go buy the game I'll look like some pansy :(

But atleast I'll be playing one of the best games this year :)

Ben10543798d ago

Thats what im worried about, buying a game that looks like its made for girls.
looks like im going to have to buy this online and get it delivered

crimsonfox3798d ago

AS THAT DAMN megaman 9 box art yikes

callahan093798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

@ 1 and 1.1: Are you guys really that insecure about your masculinity? Wow.

Marceles3798d ago

watch out for the UPS/Fedex guy

Liquid Dust3798d ago

Hey now i think its looking pretty good. I think they get the point across of how much crazy content is going to be included in this game.

Im really looking forward to getting online with some friends and completing some levels. I hope all are as excited as I am for such a creative game

yesah3798d ago

im just glad they didnt have LBP in huge pink letters, i like this box art.

PistolPumptMonk3798d ago

Man you guys need to not be ashamed. Walk into your game store of choice, be it walmart or be it gamestop, and request a copy of LBP... WITH PRIDE!

Liquid Dust3798d ago

Is it just me or did the picture displayed on that site for the boxart change within the past 10 min?

HighDefinition3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Once people see it at a friends house being played, this game will spread like wildfire, regardless of what anyone thinks of the boxart.

Liquid Dust3798d ago

Ah Hah! i knew something was up, i kinda liked the first artwork that they had dispayed better, but i guess this will do

Trinity_Marc_Blu3798d ago

lol i'll walk into wherever i'm buyin this game, and announce to the store that I want LBP.

I have no shame!

yesah3798d ago

wtf i liked the fake one much better

JsonHenry3797d ago

My wife can't wait to play this game. And I can't wait to make my own levels.

When does this game come out again?

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Tmac3798d ago

The PS3 box alone makes anything look very sleek.

Surfman3798d ago

there's like 80 littlebigplanet box-art, which are fake and fan-made. This one could be fake too.

Kingsora3798d ago

Well at least this boxart is also appealing to girls and shows pretty good the possibilites of LittleBigPlanet ^^

Liquid Dust3798d ago

Yea, i have a feeling my girlfriend would love to give this game a whirl. She loves messin around with games like Okami. And i also think its something that her and i can play together, should be interesting

BYE3798d ago

Yeah, it's a pretty smart move from Sony, girls as a target customer are underrated.

SeanScythe3798d ago

this is the same that sony has on their site for the game. So it's real, I don't care what the box looks like I will buy this game day one and will be waiting to get it asap.

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The story is too old to be commented.