Atomic Gamer Preview: Saint's Row 2

Jeff Buckland reports:

''With the April release of the very successful Grand Theft Auto IV, you might think that the developers of this franchise's biggest imitator, Saint's Row, would be really concerned with how their own sequel was turning out. But it turns out to have emboldened them, because Saint's Row 2 is turning out to have a unique focus that should really ring true with gamers.

Saint's Row 2 continues the story of the first game where you wake up from a coma and then are able to customize your character to an unprecedented level in games like this. Not only do you get to change the look of your character, but you can change his or her (yes, females are included here) walking style, voice, and fighting style too. This all permeates down into the many cutscenes and all of the gameplay.''

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