Dust: An Elysian Tale (2013) Review

FGE - Dust: An Alysian Tail is a game that was brought to us in 2013 by Humble Hearts LLC and released on PS4 on October 7, 2014. It features fast-paced gameplay paired with beautifully detailed environments to observe and explore. This game focuses around platforming elements and is executed in the form of a 2D beat-’em-up.

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Skate-AK1132d ago

Great game. Was happy it made it on to a Sony platform since I didn't have a 360. Got the platinum for it.

Jubez1871132d ago

This was a great game. Such a "full" game for an indie, played it when it was free on PS+. Would probably say my PS+ game for ps4 thus far.

memots1132d ago

very good game. Total surprise to me.
A little shallow on the Rpg element bit. But just enough to fill in the action oriented bit.