Java homebrew devkit for the PS3 emerges, nobody cares

Paul Miler writes:

"PSP hacker "FreePlay" has turned his gaze to the PS3, and come up with a method for the first PS3 homebrew outside of Linux and that little "hello world" proof of concept a few months back.. The minimal devkit doesn't seem built to take advantage of the PS3's wiles, however, and is instead working with the Java prowess built into the Blu-ray playback end of the PS3."

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Alexander Roy3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Well, I am a big supporter of Homebrew and I can see why nobody - including me - cares about this.
I want the PS3 to be hacked. Yes, I admit it. Why do I want it to be hacked? For the same reason I have a CFW on my PSP. Complete region free-nes and Homebrew.
PS2 and PSX games on the PS3 are region locked. I understand why, lots o' paperwork (i.e. licensing issues, PAL/NTSC stuff, publishing rights, all that). The problem is, I don't really care. I have a console that CAN play my games, but isn't ALLOWED to because I imported them. I paid money for them, games that nevere saw the light of an European day. A CFW for PS3 would easily kill off that problem for me.
Homebrew... whenever you say that nowadays people think of ISO loaders, ripping tools, piracy in general. I don't. I love the idea of having a console that allows people to create their own games/apps. There are games out there that put some development studios to shame.
Search for the Homebrew (!) game "No Gravity". Do it. Download it, play it. It speaks for itself.
The problem is, piracy would harm sales, not of consoles, but of games. I don't pirate games on my PSP and I wouldn't do it with my PS3, but I am hardly the majority. I don't want the same thing that happens to the PSP right now to happen to the PS3. But I'm not naive enough to think hackers would include a "doesn't work with burned games" option. It's a double edged sword.

Java isn't really made for games, not even to speak about emulators. It' doesn't work, except they find some magic workarounds. It won't lead to a whole homebrew scene. It won't make my PS3 finally play my copy of Grandia 3. Java games on PS3 are nothing but a glimpse of what COULD be, but isn't for several reasons.

Bastion3768d ago

you must not remember the video game crash back in the day, even before thinking about piracy, games are prevented from being made by everyone because there is the possibility of over saturation of games, no governing quality, etc and the possibility for reverse engineering and and the list goes on. If there was another game industry crash, no one would enjoy that