Sliders, Avatars and Netflix Make Xbox Live Worth the Price?

Despite being only about $50 a year, you have to wonder if Xbox Live is really worth the price. Jereme Puik from GamePlasma certainly thinks that this will not even be a question with the new updates for Xbox Live.

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Monchichi0253794d ago

Are you serious? Who can't afford $50 for the year?? That's like then $5 a month!!!

But of course it's worth it!! LIVE ROCKS!!!

dxmnecro3794d ago

For some of the younger or casual gamers, $50 a year might seem like a lot. These are just additional selling points for them.

Lord Vader3794d ago

It was worth $5 a month BEFORE Netflix. Now xbl is adding features...

BTW, for the last 2 years Ive gotten my xbl subscription for $39.99. So that's less than $4.00 a month, Cant even get a cheeseburger combo for that nowadays.

Ck Amazon, Pricegrabber & Dealtime for best pricing.

actas1233794d ago

You all know that Netflix is NOT free right (Its actually overpriced)

Bubble Buddy3794d ago

$5 a month. To be fair, that's like asking people to buy a ps3 when it was $600. Oh it will last you 10 years. So you're only paying $60 a year. $5 a month. And yet people still complained at how expensive it is. I know this isn't a direct comparison but it's true.

"So that's less than $4.00 a month, Cant even get a cheeseburger combo for that nowadays."

Yeah that pisses me off. But Burger King King Deals are $4.00 :D

xJxdOggyStYLe3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

xbox live is amazing...besides tha 12 year olds who scream and swear on halo and gears of war......then i wish it was more then 50 bux so there parents wouldnt pay for it..other then that live is awesome and with the new updates coming...makes it THAT much better

and yes this is going to make me finally get a netflix account...going to b great cant wait til nov for this patch

HighDefinition3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

But online gaming has ALWAYS been free on EVERYTHING ever made before XBL and after. Like CPU gaming and PSN, for example.

Think about it from the perspective of someone who ONLY wants to play with their friends every once and a while.

Shortstop3794d ago

I agree completely. Onling gaming has always been free, except for MMOs (which require funding validly) and Microsoft.

Don't think for a second that Microsoft needs that $50 a year from you; they don't. But they know you'll pay it anyways like a sucker. I can afford $50 a year but the principle of paying to play online is wrong.

I will stick with free PSN.

JasonXE3794d ago

but the service & quality was never this good. Live>PSN

JsonHenry3794d ago

Now that I am playing my PS3 online.. Yes, the Live system is nice and more put together. But I DONT CARE about netflix or avatars (what are we, 10?) and compared to the online gaming experience - the PS3 offers the same thing for no charge.

So in my (new and improved) opinion - yes it is too much. Unless you just really care about avatars or netflix.

Stryfeno13794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

What is a PSN? I did not know Live has a competition.

I kid, I kid...

DeadIIIRed3794d ago

I'm a Netflix customer and I'll just say that their online features suck. Only a select number of movies can be watched online and the quality is crap. Unless they add more movies to their online library and improve the video quality, I suspect a lot of 360 users will be disappointed.

f7897903793d ago

It was easy to do it before they announced it. Besides I prefer a low power media pc to do all of my streaming to my tv.

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pp3794d ago

Definitely worth every penny

Thoas3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Man are you brained washed.

GiantEnemyCrab3794d ago

Yes, the cost of a cup of coffee a day(USD) is hardly a steep price to play on the superior online service.

TheBrit3794d ago

Make me purchase a netflix account this year and drop my game fly account from 4 rentals to 3 to offset it.

I cannot wait for the netflix addition.

The whole thing as a whole is Excellent.

princejb1343794d ago

give me free online play, and we could pay for netflix
then ill be worth it
already have enough trouble paying bills, and i dont like paying for online twice(my internet provider + xbl)

Tmac3794d ago

But the competitors are doing this for free.. lmfao.

Thoas3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

And now Live for PC is free now too. So why would i get a Xbox 360 now? All the ports from Xbox 360 look Infinity times better on PC.

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