Tenchu 4 scan from Famitsu

French website Gamekyo writes:

"Japanese magazine Famitsu reveals us some new images of the next episode of the Tenchu series, which will be exclusively on Wii. The opportunity to discover a way to make a diversion with a cat, an idea like Solid Snake's one with sexy magazines. Release date scheduled for October 23 in Japan."

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ChickeyCantor3797d ago

Don't tell me you can throw that cat ?XD

Sangria3797d ago

After feminists against Fat Princess and anti-racists against Resident Evil 5, Animal Protection Institute for Tenchu 4? No way ! XD

StephanieBBB3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

lol they are destroying tenchu...

I remembered when it first came out on PS1 and it was the first 3D realistic ninja game. Now look at it...

Th3 Chr0nic3796d ago

alright awesome tenchu 4...oh only on wii. son of a %$#&^ *closes browser*

Dir_en_grey3796d ago

The cat is more like MK. II in MGS4.

Zerodin3796d ago

If a cat makes a good substitute for garrot wire...

Lelouch V Brit3796d ago

Tenchu 4 For Wii, No Thanks.

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