Motorstorm Developers Interviewed

The game's importance to Sony cannot be overstated, particularly now that Gran Turismo HD has been canned. It's one of only two (European) launch PS3 titles (the other being Resistance: Fall of Man) that are good enough to make the thought of lashing out £425 on a PlayStation 3 remotely attractive. The fact that it was created on a grim industrial estate in Runcorn, by a developer that spent years making classy but unfancied rallying games makes that all the sweeter.

Spong visited Evolution Studios for a chat about their latest game.

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takz4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

Its not really my kind of game tho but i am going to try to be a bit more open minded, cause it seems like fun that i wouldn't want to miss out on. I'm just waiting to hear that its not the kind of game that gets boring fast. once thats said i am definitely in, definitely!

Antan4387d ago

well im sure once it hits the states and europe the online element will keep things exciting, well i hope so anyway!!

videl4387d ago

amazing game, cant wait for it. knows someone if you can switch the japanese version into englisch ?

THWIP4387d ago

...and I was not impressed. It looks NOTHING like the E3 '05 target footage. It's DEFINITELY not anything innovative, or a game that shows "the awesome power of the PS3". It could be easily done on the 360 (and if they don't sell enough PS3's for the game to sell well, it likely WILL be).

DrJones4387d ago

That was an early build. It has been upgraded since then.

THWIP4387d ago

Seriously, I've heard that argument for every demo ever released, and it NEVER holds up. The game was 90% done when they released that demo; if you think they've made drastic changes to it, in terms of physics, textures, mechanics, etc, you're sadly mistaken.

DrJones4387d ago

It is still a lot better now, compared to the kiosk version. Maybe not "E3 rendering good", but still much better. I will pass my final judgement
when the game is 100% done and i have personally played it.

xfrgtr4387d ago

Excellent,I can't wait