The Witcher 3 Women: Are they the Fairest Character Models of them All?

A video which looks at some of The Witcher 3 Women Geralt meets in his adventure. Asking the question whether these are the best looking character models in an RPG to date?

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sobotz1013d ago

Ciri's my favorite. God, her accent is really hot.

Raf1k11013d ago

I do like Ciri.

On the topic of accents though, the American accents really kill the immersion for me.

Mega241013d ago

Ciri is Nilfgardian, raced by Skelligers. Nilfgardians have a mix of accents, since they have conquered the majority of the continent. If you listen closely to nilfgardians talking, you can hear them have french, spanish, german and american accents.

Pogmathoin1013d ago

Wow, that is way too much immersion when you start listening to dialects!

Raf1k11013d ago

The whole region is very European. The whole feel of the game too but then you find the American accents and they just don't fit. It's sound really weird and out of place.

If it was a game set in the North America or in an area where you'd expect to find people with those accents then fair enough but that just isn't the case with the Witcher.

monkey6021012d ago

Not as off putting as every French man in unity sounding like a brit!

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Maxor1013d ago

I can't stand it when they put American voice actors into a world full of English characters.

zeal0us1013d ago

When did they put English characters into the world that the Witcher takes place in? Must be some new npc dlc or something I didn't hear about.

Sevchenko2111013d ago

Im sorry but its fantasy, and in the world of the witcher the American accent does not exist. Neither does the Irish, Polish and especially this British accent you speak of.

AndrewLB1013d ago

I agree. Ciri was one of the most well put together characters in any game i've ever played. I also liked Triss, though it's a shame she didn't have more quests.

Out of the non main characters, i'd say Rosa Var Attre was one of the best. Such a shame you don't get to plough her and her sister.

R6ex1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

Yennefer is the sexiest!

She reminds me of a gentler version of Morrigan.

Besides the main female leads, the rest of the female characters are beautiful and unique. CD Projekt has done a better job than anyone else.

ameliabaz1011d ago

Yeah I really like the attention to detail in the minor characters. You can see what sort of life they lead just from the scars on their faces, the sun spots on their skin, or their patchy clothes. It's a shame more games don't go to so much effort with their minor characters.

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KingKelloggTheWH1013d ago

The character models are very well made,but I don't particularly like any of their designs.

R6ex1013d ago

Well made & well-designed. Period.

Da1rocky1012d ago

He didn't say the game had bad designs, just that he didn't like them. Period.

joab7771013d ago

I just have to say this. I'm only level 8, but the quests in this game are so damn good. The characters are amazing and the world is so damn detailed. I'm in awe.

Zenith4k1013d ago

Agreed I'm 7 and hardly ever do side quest but I've come across some amazing ones that have made me completely forget about the main ones. I do like open world games and some how I always try and compare them to the fun I had in zelda: oracina of time which kept me going for a year and reply value was great.

Takwin1013d ago

You need to do all side quests and most witcher contracts. The game IS the side quests. It is not padding or filler in any way.

Makis_Husbando1013d ago

Not quite, but they're leagues ahead of every other western developer. Bioware still haven't quite grasped what humans look like; you'd think the studio was full of aliens or something.

kingeliran1013d ago

im in love with yennefer, dark hair blue eyes perfect combo.

Somebody1013d ago

I'm torn between the sultry Yennefer and the fiery Triss. Ciri, however, feel too much like Geralt.

sevilha821013d ago

actually her eyes are violet,making her even more alluring. =)

spartan_dx1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

Her eyes are really violet though i suspect she altered them with magic like she did the rest of her body. Shes a bitch though I dont how Geralt puts up with her shit, still gotta give him credit for never bringing up her 'little secret' even when she teleports and drops him in a lake in one of her fits.

Paleblood1013d ago

Did you know that Yennefer is 94 years old, was a hunchback and is beautiful because of a spell she made?

Rob_Ko1013d ago

Like all the sorceresses and mages in Witcher universe, Geralt is somewhere around 100 years old as well.

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