Upcoming Japanese PSN Game Releases

Translated from Famitsu Online:

3 Games will be released on 7/31 on the Japanese PSN
(Except for The Last Guy, both Pixel Junk Eden and Bionic Commando will both have a free Demo):

The Last Guy Japan Premium (500 yen)
Pixel Junk Eden (900 yen)
Bionic Commando: Rearmed (1200 yen)

Downloadable Contents:

- Mainichi Issho: Addon Items (Charged by item), 7/24 Release.
- Pixel Junk Monsters: Soundtrack (300 yen), available now.
- Everybody's Golf: Costume Set Vol.3 (600 yen), 7/24 Release.
- Initial D Extreme Stage: Added Car Type Data (Free), 7/24 Release.
Added My Character Parts (320 yen), 8/1 Release.
- Disgaea 3: July Extra Character, Complete Extras (Free - 200 yen), 7/25 Release.
- Street Fighter 4: Theme 2008 Summer Ver. & Wallpaper 2008 Summer Ver. (Free), 7/24 Release.
- Soul Calibur IV: Download BGM Full Set, Download BGM 01-17,
SCIV Wallpaper 01-02 (Free - 1500 yen), 7/31 Release.
- Vampire Rain: Extra Versus Character Data (300 yen), 8/7 Release.

5 Titles are added to the PS1 Game Archives on 7/23, 600 yen each:

Yamasa Digi Selection (Yamasa Entertainment)
Grille Logic (SE Mobile & Online)
Chocobo Stallion (Square-Enix)
Dice DE Chocobo (Square-Enix)

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The Exchange Rate for Japanese Yen to US Dollar as of 7/23 is 107 Yen to $1.

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wolfehound223797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

wow if the US PSN is half this good I'll be happy. I'll definitely dl the demo's for Bionic commando and Pixel junk Eden

SantanaClaus893797d ago

It's been stated time and time again that Bionic Commando: Rearmed is supposed to have a simultaneous, worldwide release on all platforms... So one could assume we will finally be getting the game in the US on the 31st?

I certianly hope so!