No dice: Take-Two execs slam EA's fifth buyout offer

Take-Two Interactive has sent word that Electronic Arts has once again extended its buyout offer in light of the unsatisfactory number of company shares that were tendered by the previous deadline. This makes it the fifth time that EA has extended its deadline for the parent company of the studio that developed Grand Theft Auto 4 (Xbox 360, PS3).

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Altis13793d ago

They are desperate to spend that money. I got an idea, invest that money into new a IP that can destroy GTA. Volition is doing that with SR2. Id' just wish they would cut the whole gangster theme.

princejb1343793d ago

ea sucks
there games are so boring and need to put more effort into them
ea puts all their effort to have everything, but ones they have it they put no effort at all to make it better than it was b4

smokeymicpot3793d ago

They keep on trying. They still won't get Take 2

Premonition3793d ago

I think take two should sue EA for trying to force a buy out when take two has kept saying no to the offer.

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The story is too old to be commented.