Gamasutra: EA's Beaver Talks Dead Space's M-Rated Quandary

Speaking with Gamasutra about EA Redwood Shores' upcoming multiplatform third-person sci-fi horror game Dead Space, producer Chuck Beaver spoke on Electronic Arts' move into less family-friendly arenas, and admitted it can be hard convincing developers to part with long-practiced design assumptions.

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Jack Meahoffer3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

EA's got a Dead Space snuke in their snizz.

On topic I think this is a good sign that EA is finally testing the mature rated waters. While they are the gaming evil empire I have to give them props for the new IP's they're releasing in the near future. Dead Space and Mirror's Edge are both looking really good.

Nice change of pace from the yearly milking of the same old IP's over and over.