Namco steps in to rescue Hellgate

According to a post on the official Hellgate forums, Namco has stepped in to save the Flagship game being washed away in the wake of the developer's demise.

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Montrealien3770d ago

Could they save Mythos also? Pretty pls Namco?

TheColbertinator3770d ago

I have never heard of any company doing something like that.Nice work Namco.Be sure to save Mythos too

BlackIceJoe3770d ago

This is cool news. Great job Namco. I wonder if Namco would think about bringing Hellgate:London to the PS3 and 360 too. Plus if Namco can save Mythos too and even bring that game to the 360 and PS3 even if it would not be free I would be down with that.