Koji Igarashi Calls 'Castlevania Judgment' Fan Criticism 'Unjustified'

Few people expected Koji Igarashi's "Castlevania Judgement" would be similar to a fighting game. Igarashi knew fans would be surprised - but many said they were let down.

"I had expectations about the kind of reaction," he told MTV Multiplayer last week at E3.

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incogneato3771d ago

Seems justified to me. This game looks like poop. What a horrible direction for this series when they could be spending their time making an epic 2D HD side scroller for PSN/Live or something.

Blink_443771d ago

"they could be spending their time making an epic 2D HD side scroller for PSN/Live"

or on Wiiware.

rhood0223771d ago

I don't know. Something about this game has possibilities, especially if it's like Power Stone or Bushido Blade. But I fear that it will be a total mess.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Castlevania universe. But I'm getting a little tired of the 2D games because, aside from the main character, the series is just retreading old ground. I mean, when you have as many games as Castlevania has, especially in the post-SOTN era, and you cant move the series past the same bosses, level design and game elements, it's bound to get a little old.

Wildarmsjecht3771d ago

If it's like Power Stone, then I'll be ok with it...but a standard fighting game..just doesn't fit into the Castlevania universe. Hell, even the Power Stone idea doesn't fit in the Castlevania universe. I dunno..they could be doing so much more with it.

Zerodin3771d ago

...then he should have done a PROPER Castlevania game.

Dannagar3771d ago

It's Garbage! I can't believe Koji Igarashi did this to Castlevania fans like myself.

Zerodin3771d ago

Points to the 8-bit Megaman 9.
I'd settle for something like THAT!

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