Unannounced Project Morpheus Exclusive Title Runs at 120 FPS Natively

VRFocus reports on the revelation of a new PlayStation 4 Project Morpheus exclusive title from MixedBag, set to run at 120fps natively.

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ArchangelMike1256d ago

Here's hoping its a 'proper' game and not just a tech demo type game.

Cindy-rella1256d ago

Im buying project morpheus day one no matter what the price is. Im quite sure it won't be over 450quid and i cant wait for the release.

Crimzon1256d ago

You learned nothing from Move & Kinect?

MasterCornholio1256d ago


Well people said that the PlayStation would fail because CD based consoles failed before it. But it didn't.

Somebody needs to take a risk with new technology because if they don't we will never learn if its worth it or not.

I remember people bashing the PS3 because it used Blueray. Now look at the PS4 and XB1?

Cindy-rella1256d ago

How are move, kinect and project morpheus the same other than being hardware add-ons to consoles. Am i suppose to ignore all hardware add-ons just because some people deemed move and kinect a failure or they arent appealing to some. What about just stop buying new games because we had a few that weren't successful or because they didn't have mass market appeal.

Its ok if others want to wait and see how project morpheus will be but i like VR games so ill be getting project morpheus day one.

ArchangelMike1256d ago

I'm all for Project Morpheus - but at 450, that might be too steep for me. I hope it is at the 300-350 price point.

jukins1256d ago

I'm getting it as well as long as there's one compelling title. I've said it a bunch of times even though move wasn't heavily supported all I needed was sports champions kill zone and the random games here and there. And I'm expecting the same with morpheus.

UnHoly_One1255d ago

I'm all in favor of new technologies succeeding, so I'm not HOPING that VR fails.

But I'm sure as hell PREDICTING that it will fail. And hard.

It's going to go the same path as 3D, only it won't even garner that much support, and won't be able to be forced on us afterwards by being incorporated into every single new TV.

Here's hoping I'm wrong.

Army_of_Darkness1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

$199.99 ---> Instant Buyer, right here :-D
As long as it has a couple good launch games for it that is.

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Eonjay1256d ago

These are the guys behind Futuridium

Which in and of itself would be cool in VR.

showtimefolks1255d ago

I hope Sony takes their time with VR stuff. I am interested but I would like to find out more info. Gaming journalists and others who have tried out these VR headsets said that they stated feeling dizzy/fatigued after only playing for 30 plus minutes

I hope that's not the case because VR could be a huge deal if done right and even bigger if explained the right way to consumers

Timesplitter141256d ago

to be honest if I was a console manufacturer I'd force all devs who want their game on my system to cut in the graphics department until their game is at a stable 100fps 1080p

and then I'd go bankrupt

anyway great to see devs are starting to care more about fps. FPS is so much more important than graphics, the two can't even be compared

Crimzon1256d ago

Well for VR to work you have to run at 60fps twice (once for each eye) hence the 120fps target. Developers couldn't get away with 30fps in each eye because it would be too slow and likely cause motion sickness. Imagine if you actually saw in 30fps in real life, it would be really disorientating. Same applies to VR, the tech requires high framerates for immersion.

Timesplitter141256d ago

Are you sure the 120fps they're talking about is for the two eyes combined? And not just that each eye is 120fps?

joeorc1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )


Yes he is correct!

The min targets is for project Morpheus is.

The game has to be 60fps/eye that is in the SDK
They can be higher frame rate/eye, but must be a min of 60 fps per each eye.

And 2nd is that the games are targeting PS3 visuals
For AAA development. But frame rate per each eye must be 60 fps, because as he stated above its to offset motion sickness .

And yes Morpheus has its own dedicated hardware onboard its I/O

MrDead1255d ago


I remember reading an article on reprojection the good thing is that it asks very little of the PS4 to create the new frames.

Valve and Oculus did and experiment to see how low they could drop the fps before the user began to feel sickness from the motion blur, they got to 90 so Sony might have some breathing room if they can’t hit 120 all the time.

rainslacker1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

The motion sickness is induced more from the lag of movement than it is from the frame rate itself. Given the need for fast updates though, too low a framerate would also have bad side effects due to how the human brain perceives things.

Consideration has to be given to making sure that a frame can update at the highest speed possible so the devs don't go too far on the quality and sacrifice fps to get that. All in all, it just means some common procedures for how frames are rendered nowadays will not be used, since textures and objects will always have to be available to the GPU without any lag. For the most part, the higher the FPS, the less noticeable lag is during movement.

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Dragonking0071256d ago

Sony kinda went that route already with setting ps4 at 400 dollars at launch that was a pretty big loss for them but im sure theyve gained back most of that right now this makes me believe morpheus has its own hardware under its own hood so makes me think itl run most games at higher frame rate

HaHa_Ostrich1255d ago

Has anyone resolved the nausea problem yet?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1255d ago

That issue is mostly due to poor framerate.

dennigo1255d ago

all these people bashing on ps move, i do get that there were not many games for it, but sports champions was to me one of the best games ever, if alone for frisbee golf, i felt like i was actually doing it, every nuance counts when throwing that frisbee it was so damn precise i felt i was gaining a skill to me move was awesome i still have em i just regret that no decent games were made for it, the technology in itself is very very good and precise, and i think pairing it with morpheus will be awesome

dennigo1255d ago

i'd give another 70$ for them to bring sports champions to ps4

WeAreLegion1255d ago

Sports Champions 1 and 2 are the best motion sports games ever made.

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