Straight From The Future: The Top Stories of E3 2015

COG writes - Despite the show being next week, the COG psychics have managed to receive next week's top stories from the ether of time, and we're telling you what they are RIGHT NOW.

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MRBIGCAT1044d ago

Sony is so stubborn when it comes to console price drops. They stick to their guns for years!

indyman771044d ago

Status: HAHAHAHA. Yeah right.......and Square is stuburn to if they announce ff7 it may be a hack and slash rpg, just to slap the fans in the face! Man I hope not!

Digital_Anomaly1044d ago

Haha, I love this list... part serious, part humour.

BONUS: Phil Spencer physically drops the microphone, LOL!

MzDino1044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

Am I wrong for hoping those bonuses will actually happen?!??!
They're just too good...

kube001043d ago

These are some great predictions!