How the Oculus Rift Could Help Xbox Crush PlayStation

It's all about Windows 10

No one expected this: Oculus VR said Thursday its Rift virtual reality headset will ship with Microsoft’s Xbox One controller as the Rift’s de facto way to play games.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Oculus Rift wasn't built specifically for Xbox One and it will not be anywhere as good of experience as Morpheus. Let's face it Xbox One and Oculus partnership just don't make much sense. The cinema room is pointless. There has to be more to the puzzle we haven't seen. Maybe they'll show more at E3.

Spid3r6895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Why is it that you think that Sony is the number one authority on VR?? You don't think Microsoft and Oculus will figure something out? Or that the fact that PC and Xbox One is going to be just that bit closer to each other when Windows 10 with DX12 makes a debut. Just FYI Microsoft research created Illumiroom and Hololens and Oculus has made big advancements with there hardware, I am sure they will figure it out.Sony can have 30 million owners but you cant match the market when Xbox One and PC get together!!

uptownsoul895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

First of all nobody's saying Sony is the authority on VR. Its that Morpheus is specifically designed with PS4 hardware in mind ( and the PS4 was designed with VR in mind), whereas OcRift was never designed with Xbox One in mind. While OcRift will be AWESOME on PC, VR on XB1 will be quite a bit more tricky. Even with Win10/Dx12 upgrades, there is no way XB1 can match even the minimum PC specs needed to run OcRift (minimum PC specs shown here: ). Which means any XB1 full VR games on OcRift would need a hefty downgrade to work at all. And if thats the case what developer will put in the work for such a downgrade if the install base of OcRift/XB1 owners are very small?

And the reason why very few XB1 owners will buy OcRift as its currently being presented is because AS OF NOW OcRift for XB1 is just an expensive streaming device, not a XB1 VR machine.

Cupid_Viper_3895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Does anyone remember when those Oculus Rift guys were going around "concern trolling" Sony with Project Morpheus? They we all like:

"Oh we don't mind Sony getting into VR, but we just want to make sure that they take their time and do it right so that the VR doesn't get a bad name."

And now you allow Microsoft to demo that atrocious "clean room simulator" while shouting Oculaus Rift VR on XBox One from rooftops? OR on Xbox One looks like something you wear when your house or living room is too messy and you're feeling too lazy to clean it up. Just put on the OR headset, and Bam... there it is! BTW, did anyone ever wondered what the bottom of an avatar shoes looks like? No, seriously....

And now we have to endure countless silly articles like this one here.

starchild895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

I don't think Microsoft will in any way "crush" Sony, and Morpheus is going to be great VR in its own right, but I really think some of you don't realize the value in what they showed. No, it doesn't replace direct VR game experiences, but it's a pretty neat feature all the same.

I've used the virtual cinema app on the Oculus DK1 headset and even at those lower specs the experience was quite convincing and enjoyable. Watching a movie on a gigantic virtual screen is very cool and I'm sure it's the same for games. Unless you have a huge 200" front projector screen in your house you aren't playing your games on a screen that appears this big. It really is a neat VR application.

It could also prove useful to people that share a TV with other people in a household for those times someone else is using the TV and you want to play your games.

Or maybe you want to lay down in your bed for maximum relaxation while you play your games or watch a movie.

Virtual screens absolutely do have significant and worthwhile uses.

TheCommentator895d ago

I'm on your side, Spid3r.

PS4 = ±25m gamers
Win10 = ±1b users

That's 4000:1 in favor of OR sales, so...
MS+OR = Crush Sony

Math must be hard for the delusional.

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Ron_Danger895d ago

Ever wonder what the ceiling of a virtual theatre looks like?

Well bam there it is!

That's sure gonna "crush" Sony actual VR experience lol

Magicite895d ago

Oculus will be next Kinect..

bloop895d ago

I just can't see VR taking off, and that goes for Morpheus too. It'll just be another gimmick like kinect or move that's cool to try out and then it'll be forgotten about. Just like my lovely brand new 48inch 3d TV that I have no 3d games to play on now!!!
On the topic of the article though, I don't know how OR is going to help Xbox "crush" PS when Sony already has the tech and seem to be a lot further down the line in implementation than MS are judging by that video released.

Godz Kastro895d ago

@ The Infected

Dude, thats a bold statement. You dont know that.

Ghost_of_Tsushima895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

"Dude, thats a bold statement. You dont know that."

That's a fact and everyone should know that.

Iluvtrim895d ago Show
Antwan3k895d ago

Before we start stating what's "fact", let's keep in mind that all of this is pure speculation at this point.. But I will say that it is quite funny seeing PS4 fanboys pretend like they know everything that's going on behind closed doors in the engineering departments of Oculus and Microsoft..

Just the fact that Oculus games can (and will) be built using Windows 10 and DirectX 12 should be a clue.. Windows 10 and DirectX 12 are both coming to Xbox One and even though the Oculus Rift wasn't built with the Xbox One in mind to the same degree that Project Morpheus was built with the PS4 in mind, The Oculus Rift was definitely built with Windows 10 and DirectX 12 in mind.. With that being said, I wouldn't be so quick to say that a game developer who makes an Oculus Rift game using Windows 10 and DirectX 12 can't develop that game with the Xbox One in mind (in addition to their PC release).. From that point, traveling down a road of logic that leads to the Oculus Rift being used directly with the Xbox One isn't as far fetched as some of you fanboys want to pretend it is..

Sure, will that game perform equally with the PC counterpart?.. No. But do you honestly believe that Project Morpheus running on a PS4 is going to perform equally as Oculus Rift running on a high-end gaming PC?.. If that theoretical Xbox One VR game runs on par with what is possible on the PS4 in terms of VR, then they've done a good enough job.. If you want to pretend that "PC-level performance" is the measuring stick, you might as well get ready to be potentially disappointed with Project Morpheus..

And if you think that streaming 2D versions of Xbox One games into the Oculus Rift is the full extent of this partnership and the capabilities of these hardware components, then you're either incredibly short-sighted or a blind fanboy..

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TheGreatGamer895d ago

I think there will be more to this partnership but it's probably is still WIP so as things stand at this moment in time, morpheus will be the better console vr experience

DanielGearSolid895d ago

Once I saw Time magazine i knew... bullocks

curtis92895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Oculus on Xbox. aka: the play games in a clean living room simulator.

Why be IN your game, when you can be in a nice, luxurious living room that MS always intended you to be in while you play on your 2D screen?

Personally, I'm excited for the different living room themes we'll be able to download. I'm going to download the one that's all modern with the yoga mats everywhere they always use in the Kinect ads.

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