Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 - First Screenshots Revealed

The first screenshots from PES 2016 have been revealed and can be viewed below!

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nX1193d ago

Looks pretty good, can't complain yet but have to play it myself. Will be interesting to see whether PES can be stronger than FIFA for another year, PES15 was amazing.

freshslicepizza1193d ago

i like the feel of pes more. fifa has the pretty interface, sounds and graphics but konami has come a long ways last year and this year looks even better.

Thefreeman0121193d ago

I disagree, I have always felt that PES is clunky and robotic with its movements. It has pretty graphics, but some of the players just look ridiculous. I try PES out each year and each year it still feels somewhat the same much like fifa

Speak_da_Truth1193d ago

Sorry but Fifa's graphics especially the character models and details in face can't match PES

PygmelionHunter1193d ago

Konami is not getting a single penny from me, ever again.

Will of course buy The Phantom Pain, though. Kojima's last masterpiece with this crappy company can't go to waste.

freshslicepizza1193d ago

hmmm, having morals and values with something as insignificant as videogames or just using the device as it was meant to be used, having fun. tough decision.

Snookies121193d ago

Eh, I'll just buy PES 16 used if it's any good. It's the last franchise I still like by Konami now that they've lost the only thing that made them good (Kojima). I don't feel right giving them my money either after all the crap they've said and done.

iistuii1193d ago

Did they just get Neymar jr out of Madame Tussauds, he looks like he's made of wax..