Unreal Engine 4.8 Raises The Bar For In-Game Foliage

If you thought the flowing verdant foliage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was impressive, you haven’t seen anything yet.

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Trekster_Gamer1278d ago

Looks fantastic, but I would rather see a game that is anywhere close to being finished utilizing this tech instead of tech demos.

Lamboomington1278d ago

Oh it'll catch on... eventually. Sooner or later we'll start seeing all this stuff :)

Th3o1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

You do realize graphics and engines have to start somewhere? Also showcasing the capacity of the engine could raise interest in third party development.

The problem is, the engine to pump out this much detail would only be good to enthusiasts at this point.

This could not be done on ps4/Xbox one or some of the mainstream PCs.

If people look back even 10 years ago you could see tech demos doing amazing graphics that even today look amazing.

For example take alook at this

An AMD tech demo that puts some current gen games to shame, and that's from 2007

As much as people hate to hear it, consoles in general hold back a generation in terms of technology, but without them gaming would have never caught on so quick and introduced the casual gamer/everyday gamer.

I still love seeing these tech demos.

Erik73571278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

That demo actually didn't look that good compared to todays games other than the rain and the cool effects on the glass...
And it was only 7 years ago lol

Th3o1278d ago


Actually it was almost 9 years ago. Which would not have been possible on the PS3/360 at the time.

Also the rain is one of the main effects of the video, which is what the point was, but if u pay close attention also note that there is a lot of is now known as tessellation, which was never around back then and is now in a lot of the new graphic engines.

Also note, high textures, shading and detail...Other than the slightly lower detail/shading on the vehicle...I don't see how this demo wouldn't be considering good or nice if used in a real game now?

If you download the demo and run it yourself it would do more justice than the low resolution youtube video which was compressed.

SarcasticDuck1278d ago

looks cool, but one thing is doing that scenario of the video, other thing is making an whole playable world

Th3o1278d ago


That's exactly my point, we're limited by the market and technology we have.

If we made every game look as good as it can, you would need to buy stronger hardware...especially since most games lack optimization lately.

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Utalkin2me1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )


Then go watch some Ark survival evolved, it uses the U4 engine.

RonsonPL1278d ago

It's possible on PCs now, but as always - we'll wait for the next generation of consoles to catch that, while PCs are wasted and killed off by this stupidity. :(
The only positive thing that comes to mind is the fact, that PS4 and Xone both use x86 and PC GPUs, which means there could be PS4.5 and Xbox 1 and 3/4 in 2017-18 instead of 2020-2023.

Kleptic1278d ago

I have absolutely no doubt that this will be one of the shortest generations of consoles in a very long time...

and it'll be MS that forces that...They have absolutely no incentive to stretch this generation out...3 or so years from now i'm guessing 'PC' and the Xbox division are going to tie in a lot closer together...Rumors of an Xbox branded steam like service for PC and Xbox consoles...cross platform multiplayer becoming 'built in' with DX12 games ...rumors of future modular gaming devices that have switchable parts, and development between a PC version and an xbox version being identical (both running the same game, again because of DX12)...

this stuff pops up all the time...while rumors, a lot of it makes sense business wise...MS has clearly started to look back in on windows as far as gaming, and a better merge between these two divisions is logical...

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Duke191278d ago

How long until we get a Lawn Mowing Simulator?

Bebedora1278d ago

That will give house of CoD a fight for your nickel.

kingjosh18761278d ago

Developer: These new features are so exciting, our game will look incredible!
Later in development: Oh... So the consoles have these specs? Guess we'll just turn off all of those nice features...

spoonard1278d ago

Tume for an update to Flower?

CertifiedGamer1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Unreal Engine 4.8, the unreal engine 4 is upgrading super fast. I remember the Unreal engine 3 last from the 2007 all the way until 2013. Now unreal engine 4 is on the verge of becoming obsolete for unreal 5 in less than a year. Technology is evolving so fast that even PCs that lasted years will be obsolete in less than 3 months by 2017. Obsolete faster than a smart phone.

Hercules1891278d ago

So whats the point of UE4. Almost no game has used it yet and its almost time for UE5.

CertifiedGamer1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Thats Moores law which says that technology exponentially advances in 1/3 the time of its predecessor. I noticed the reason why people are sweating this footage so much is because commenters are focused on the grass only. If you notice in 00:25 of the video their are far less tress than currently available games, and the far landscape looks goes from extremely high res to very low res graphic settings. I saw about 23 trees which is alot less than Grand theft auto 5 does in real time. People need to stop focusing on the grass only. It does look really cool though.